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Monday, June 26, 2006

Updated: Mon. June 26
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Hot, HOTAlright, alright, I have the crèche up and going, but I haven’t added all masters who sent in their form. I do apologize for being so slow the last couple of days. Hopefully I’ll get you up today some time. But we still need padawans! Come on new members, no newbies have filled it out yet. I know there has to be some of you willing to do it. Just click on the link in the box above the post for more info.

[My Padawan] - And then, take a look at my padawan’s page. Cause gosh, it’s just the cutest thing! Okay, its far more squealable if you are a Knight’s of the Old Republic fan, but still. Atton = love.

[Okita Tribute] - Then, here’s a great Okita (Peacemaker Kurogane) tribute. Man, him and Kenshin… prettiest samurai, ever.

That’s all the goodies for today kids. Padawan, I have something for you, but I’m short on time now, so I’ll have to PM you later.

Made by Dark Sephiroth

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