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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Updated: Sat. June 24
Mood: Disappointed

Hot, HOTJust a quick post for today. It’s another early morning for me… not functional yet… urg, So… the crèche for the mentors program is up and running! The website is linked right above the post here. Which is pretty funny, cause even after I put that link up there early yesterday morning, I still got plenty of “when it’s ready you’ll have to link it” comments, and it’s right above the post, haha.

In other news, I’m very disappointed. The reason I am going into work so early today is so that I could have the evening off. And why was that? So the hubby and I could go see Cats. Shanny = musical fangirl. But alas, we will not be going to see it after all. Due to sold-out-ness and my retarded-ness, we won’t get to see it. And it sucks, cause I was really looking forward to going tonight. Boo!!

Packages still haven’t come either… yeah, the world’s hating me right now.

>>Dany - Your padawans have been bad. =P None of them have contacted me yet.

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