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Friday, June 23, 2006

Updated: Fri. June 23
Mood: Tired

All hail AerithI feel lazy. It’s my day off, so I guess I could be lazy if I wanted, heh. Oh man, I was pretty sure I had something to post, then my mind just went sort of blank as I stared at the screen. o_O Um…

Oh yeah, I am working on a site for the mentoring thing; it’s going to be called the Crèche. Adoptions, crèche, get it, anyway, hopefully that will be up and running today, in the basic sense, just to get things started. Thank you Dany for brave.net! =P I am hoping that having something newbies can fill out without having to confront a master outright to begin with, will help draw them out. I know there are plenty of new members out there. o_O All you really have to do is step up and say you want a master.

Still no package, damn it. I want my cloak. I may have to kill a vendor or two.

There will be a music change on this site very shortly. Heh, and for Jason whose Miami Vice-ing it up… aaand a certain Ulric, I’ll do an 80’s flashback, yo.

Yeah, that’s really all for today. I’m not much in the mood to type out Celtic stories right now.

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