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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Updated: Thur. June 22
Mood: Extremely annoyed (I just spilt water ALL over me, gah)

HehNow to bitch about work.

I stayed after an hour and a half last time to help out. One of our girls had to go home early. Her sister called from Pittsburg (where the rest of her family is located), her brother was shot and killed. Isnt that a horrible call to get? And I really stupid way to tell someone, if you ask me. They should have called her house first and talk to someone else, and had them come there personally to tell her. You dont tell someone something like that over the phone when you can do it in person.

And our assistant manager is quitting. Le sigh. Most of us hate the manager, and the assistant one was the really nice one to work under. The moral has dropped around work already, and she isnt even gone yet. Its going to suck.

Ill talk about Celtic stories next time. Its like 5am, Im not a morning person, and I have to get ready for work, blah.


Dany Heh, if only the rest of us were so endowed, eh? XD Heh, and what can I say, theres just something about us fantasy buffs.

Shadow Id SO love to take you with me!

Loni Its all about the cleavage isnt it? I wonder how comfortable bodices are. Thats right, its MINE. =P

Blarney (blar ne), n.
Gaelic oral tradition. Irish for bullshit.

Because we demand more Firefly

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