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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Updated: Wed. June 21
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HehKilts, sun, music, and more kilts. This is going to be a long, rambling post about hawt Irish men, Scottish terriers, and clans, you have been warned. =P Oh yes, theme change to Faye-faye. And a music change, just cause I can’t get enough of that song. XD I'll complain about work yesterday, tomorrow... if that makes sense.

That about sums up the Celtic Festival. By the end of the day, is was almost strange to see a man not wearing a kilt. So yes, Loni dear, there were many cosplayer-ish like people. Some with the full Celtic outfits, and girls in bodices, and everything.

There where lots of Irish and Scottish clans there to celebrate the festival. They started the day out with like a mini parade. All the clans and their banners followed the piccolos, bagpipes and drums. Then they sort of went through a roll call where all the clans got to yell out their motto. Interestingly enough, clan Wallace was there (remember Braveheart anyone? William Wallace?). Heh, and of course their clan slogan was “Freedom!!!!” Speaking of which, I have never seen so many Scottish terriers in one place in my entire life. o_O

The dancing stage was cool. The first group we watched was a troupe doing traditional Celtic festival dances. They were awesome. A troupe of dancing gypsies followed them up. They looked awesome. I kept seeing them walk around the rest of the day in their flowing skirts and dangling jewelry. We even past two of the girls later and one of them was standing their chatting balancing her basket on her head. I am still mad I didn’t get a picture of her. -_-

The coolest band we saw was this band from Ireland called Grada. Oh man, they rocked. They did a mix of traditional celtic reels and modern original music. Their lead singer was a female and she had one of those cool haunting voices. They were so good, that I really can’t think of any other way to describe them. The standing bass player was pretty hot, and well, so was the fiddle player. Mmm, Irish men. All the poor Irish bands there were so miserable all day. None of them were used to the heat and humidity, and the poor bastards roasted.

I actually didn’t end up getting any Celtic jewelry like I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty to choose from. But I got something cooler! Two things actually. One of them was a very pretty garland with yellow flowers and ribbons that wraps around your head. Like what people used to wear around their heads during weddings and festivals. So of course I had to wear that around all day. =P And then I bought a cloak! It’s a purdy pale forest green, with a hood, and a silver clasp to hook it together. Its totally awesome. Unfortunantly, due to the vender's fuck up and her giving people the wrong bags (she was holding mine for me) I must now wait for her to send it to me, so I didn’t get to take it home. Doesn’t that blow? But hopefully it’ll be here today. And who knows, maybe I’ll have to post a pic of me in it with the hair wrap. As well as some other festival pics.

I’ll probably think about more things from Saturday to post about later, oh like the black smith’s story, and about the Celtic storytellers, but we’ll end it here before it gets too long. Though I know some of you who visit me do read all of people’s posts, so thank you.

And last, but not least. The best three T-shirts I saw for sell at the festival.

Blarney (blar’ ne), n.
Gaelic oral tradition. Irish for bullshit.

Official Kilt Inspector

I used to be a Druid
But I got excommunicated

To me… the memories of my friends are eternal treasures.

- Atemu from YGO

Because we demand more Firefly

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