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Friday, June 16, 2006

Updated: Fri. June 16
Mood: Waiting

HehIf I had to wait on one more rude person at work, or deal with another foul mood co-worker, or read another snark comment around here today, I think I may pull my hair out. What is it with people that the nasty ones come out in droves? Bah, wankers.

Anyway! I am going to a Celtic music festival tomorrow! Or today, if you read this after midnight on Saturday. Which is most likely. So while you read this, I will be there. =P Its going to be great. Its supposed to have multiple stages for Celtic bands to play, storytellers, master weavers and craftsmen, the whole deal. And apparently is big enough to have shuttles to take people around to the different areas. Im excited. I hope they have people that sell Celtic jewelry; I want something nifty, heh.

So while I am off listening to Celtic music, Ill leave you with some as well. Another Clannad favorite of mine. Remember them? Enyas family. This song was made while she was still with them.

Have a good day everyone! Cause I know I will. =P

Gai: Youth is sweet and sour and sometimes strict Kakashi.
Kakashi: Did you say something?
Gai: Oh my god!!! That was pretty good rival Kakashi. That reaction is somewhat 'modern' and it pisses me off.

~ From Naruto

Because we demand more Firefly

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