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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Updated: Thur. June 15
Mood: discontent

Light in the DarknessAll the links in the side bar are now operational! The friends page is up and running. So again, if you’d like your button linked there just let me know. If you’ll notice also, the RFP page is now up and running as well. If you are pretty sure you commented to me that you’d like to rejoin and you don’t see your name under the members list, comment on this post, or PM me. Heh, sorry Sephy. =P


This is going to be a personal rant:

My, there has been quite the bash fest going on around here lately. I will never, never understand why people must run others down to inflate their own ego. Is it something in their genetic make up, you think? I mean seriously, what a pathetic way make yourself feel better. Buuut, I suppose it’s a problem that we’ll never get ride of, mainly because people are retarded.

If you don’t know one of the problems I’m talking about, check [this] out. That’s right, as ridiculous as it is; they’ve formed their own hate club against our Milkycat. As for other problems, I have said my peace about them and I’m done with it.

As for this hate club, it’s the age-old question, of if they hate someone’s art so much, why can’t they just not look and leave it alone? This is another thing I will never get. As one of those, “brainless girly-man-lovin' fangirls with no eye for real talent,” I do want to clarify one point very well. Although I do love Milky’s art, and yes, am one of her fans, I have never defended her because of that fact. I defend her because she is my friend, my friend, you miserable, good for nothing bastards. She has been my friend for a good while now and has stuck by me during the worst of it. That kind of loyalty is irreplaceable. We have never went out of our way to push our preferences on others, so I wish they would all just shove off. But I realize, that would be far too hopeful.

As for other matters, Shadow, babe, is one of my best friends. She’s the nicest, sweetest person I know. She has stuck with me through a lot as well, and has always shown me loads of support. And I won’t let anyone run her into the ground for something she doesn’t deserve either. Check the myO rules and you’ll find flaming is not allowed on this site. If I see it again, I won’t even bother to comment, I’ll go straight to Adam.

River: The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds, given adequate vacuuming systems.
Mal: See, morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with. Long as she does it quiet like.

~ From the show Firefly

I love the Battousai, kill them all Himura

Because we demand more Firefly

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