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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Updated: Wed. June 11

If Id had my way, he would have stayed the BattousaiAs you can see, theres a new theme up. Its Vincent and Lucrecia from Final Fantasy VII. I know I said Heero and Duo, but oh well, maybe next time. All the bits and images of this theme were put together to fit my browser, which is 1280x1024. Im not sure if viewing this theme at a lower setting will distort how all the images fit together or not. So Ill ask you, does everything line up alright how you are viewing it? Or is it mucked up on the far left or right underneath the welcome image?

The new music is an oldie, I know. But I love the song, and it fits somehow, how exactly I dont know. But hey, whatever. The lyrics posted aren't the lyrics from the English version, it's the more literal translation done later.

Thanks for the comments for last post. Youll have to forgive me, I get like that some times.

Professor Arturo: When it seems normal, there's often just madness underneath.

~ From the Sliders episode, Love Gods

Neji is god
I love the Battousai, kill them all Himura

Because we demand more Firefly

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