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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Updated: Wed. June 04


Because he kicks assWow, when they say Vault kicks like an energy drink, they ain’t lying, yo. Drink a couple of those and you’re ready to run a marathon. Anyway, John and I went to see X-Men III yesterday. I thought it was pretty good. Those movies always did entertain me. Hmm, Hugh Jackman. Heh, got to see my site’s namesake on screen. =P

We got to see two interesting sites on the way home from the theater. One was protesters. Protesting the Da Vinci Code, no less. Anal retentive, over zealous Christians, I tell ya. Like the saying goes, so many Christians, so few lions. Hehehe. Ahem, I’m sorry, I don’t have a problem with Christianity, I really don’t. Just people that tell others how they should think. The funniest thing about that was they had signs like “HONK AGIANST THE DA VINCO CODE.” I’ve seen signs that say “honk for this” but never against. o_O Needless to say, no one honked for them.

The other cool thing was we got to see a horse and carriage! It was a beautiful white carriage drawn by two gorgeous white horses. It had these girls all dressed up for the prom in the carriage. Man, what a way to go to prom, eh? Talk about style. Anyway, I’ve babbled enough, have a good day everyone!


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~ From the Sliders episode, Love Gods

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