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Monday, May 22, 2006

Updated: Mod. May 22


I’d LOVE to make it all better, or watch Duo do it =PDrifting… Drifting… What to post about? What have I been doing? o_O Yesterday was busy as hell at work, and it sucked. Next weekend will be worse. I usually like Memorial Day, all the pools opening up and such, but I’ll be working all weekend this time.

Heh, I got this urge to watch Gundam Wing again, so I am. I’m almost to the end of the series. So at least that’s been occupying my time. Mmm, Heero and Duo. And although mei-mei’s gonna shoot me for this, mmm 1x2x1. I can’t help it. Leave me with a show about a group of pretty guys, what do you expect.

And so none of the girls feel deprived, how about a little 1x2x1 for you as well?


Tea: Uh, guys... what's going on here?
Joey: Well Tea, it's like this. There's two Yugis.

[jerks a thumb up at Yami]
Joey: There's the cool one up there, and the puny one down here.
[Yugi falls down anime-like]
Yugi: That's not how it works at all!

~ From YGO ~

Its all about the NaruHina

Because we demand more Firefly

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