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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Updated: Thurs. May 11


Id chain them up and molest themHeh, I think Ive become addicted to AMVs. So its youtube time! I have been hooked on that site for the last two days. For any of you music and/ bored anime fans out there, some lighthearted entertainment worth checking out! And I mean, like seriously. [Don't forget to stop the music]

[Eyes Like Yamis] - YGO: for any of you Yami Yugi/Atemu fangirls out there. Yes, I know there are plenty of you. Rejoice my fellow RFP gals. This video is for you. Definitely a fangirl centric vid. But all in all, its quite funny.

[Material Girl] - Ranma: If ever there was a song to fit Nabiki, I havent found one. Excellent video featuring the one and only material girl, Nabiki. A must for Ranma fans. Like seriously, check this thing out!

[Wild Wild West] - Trigun: A wonderful video featuring Vash the Stampede as James West. This vid is one of the most entertaining things Ive ever seen. High energy. Very well done. VERY entertaining.

Aaaaand well, thats all for now. Ill probably link some more later, for anyone interested/bored. Best of luck to all of you entering, or finishing finals!


Tea: Uh, guys... what's going on here?
Joey: Well Tea, it's like this. There's two Yugis.
[jerks a thumb up at Yami]
Joey: There's the big one up there, and the puny one down here.
[Yugi falls down anime-like]
Yugi: That's not how it works at all!

~ From YGO ~

Freedom, Truth, Beauty, and Love

Ewan + Kitty = LOVE

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