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Friday, January 25, 2008

Date: Friday. Jan. 25, 2008

I feel rotten today. But we take the bad with the good though right? It's just put me in a bad mood. I actually did comment to you guys today, how about that? Heh. I'm trying real hard not to let my bad mood leach out to effect others. So you'll find your comments are all light.

Thank you to the people who commented last time with your condolences. As hard assed as it sounds, I haven't even cried for the death of my father yet. I refuse to. Not again. Though it does make me feel rather cold-hearted.

I can't remember if I had anything else to say or not, heh. There are 2 potentially big issues I am worrying about right now, combined with my late father, it's just got my thoughts all cloudy. And I'm a little more scatter brained than normal, so bear with me. At least one, well no both really, we'll know about fairly soon. One way or the other.

John - Heh, you are an amusing and kind guy. Thank you for trying your hardest last night for me. I hope you weren't dead on your feet, or bus seat today cause of me. It did mean a lot to have someone to confide in though.

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