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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Date: Saturday. Dec, 22nd

Cheers!Yes, I am still alive, and I'm going to update, hurray! So how has everyone been? Good I hope. I have had exams out the rear the past few weeks. Which is the reason I haven't been around to visit anyone in quite a while. Finals, national exams, my entrance exam. I was a bit worried, that entrance exam was a 4 hour exam... I finished it in 2 and a half hours. o_O It seemed a bit too easy.

They said they'd let us know the first week of January, but I guess they are on the ball, because I got my letter yesterday already. And... I made it in to the nursing program! Huzzah! Oh, that makes me happy and relieves a good bit of tension. I start the program this coming summer. I just hope I don't forget a good bit of my anatomy before then, heh. I'll have to make sure I refresh myself.

So, what have I been doing since finals this past week? Playing lots and lots of Warcraft and watching MASH. Hey I can't help it, I've been WoW devoid for almost a month studying for and taking exams, I have to make up time. =P Lots of Alliance to kill and all that.

So yes, that's my big news for right now. I'll leave on a happy note. Happy winter equinox everyone!

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