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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sat. Nov. 17th

Bad mood persists. Le sigh. I'm going to bitch. Mind if I bitch? Good cause it's my site. And this may be a long bitching post, just so you know. But I just want to write it all out, ya know.

The big thing I keep beating myself over the head for now is that I got a B on my last anatomy exam. A freaking B. Which I guess I could live with, but if that exam grade pulls my whole class grade down to a B, I'm going to be very ticked. And it's not like I didn't know my stuffs when I went in there. The Jazz just wasn't with me that day, I suppose. I hate it when there's no Jazz.

I'm pretty sure I just kicked the hell out of my last lab exam though and aced it. But now I'm paying. It's a busy and crappy time at work around the holidays, which means they need us to work more. And to take more time for studying, to make up for that grade hopefully, I've been taking the time out of sleep time. Who needs sleep anyway?

And now my second issue to complain about, the freaking work schedule. Usually on Thanksgiving there are only a couple of people working because it's going to be so dead in there and they usually ask for volunteers that want to work it for the extra pay. But guess who got scheduled to work anyway? Yeah me. John and I wanted to go to his family's Thanksgiving this year, well since I can't exactly go to mine since I'm not talking to my family, right? And we haven't been to his in a long time. And since his sister Dawn died, this will be the first Thanksgiving without her. But... now I have to work all week. So much for getting a few days off class, I'll be working straight through the holiday any freaking way. So now John will go to his parents for a few days by himself, and I will be staying home during the holiday by myself. We are both very disappointed about that one.

I could give a crap about the actual holiday part of it all, but I used to enjoy this holiday for the fact that I got to see my whole family for a day. And well, this will be my first Thanksgiving without any of them. Enough to make me cry anyway, and now, I won't even get to see John's family, the only one I have left. I was looking forward to seeing his other sister too. She's coming up from South Carolina for the holiday.

And well just bah, I'm sleep deprived, too strung out on caffeine to make up for it, and in a general bad mood. But Monster energy drinks don't have high fructose corn syrup in them, score! Avoid that stuff like the plague kids, the high fructose corn syrup, not the energy drinks, heh.

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