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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mon. Sept, 24th

Always by your sideWow, has it really been almost 3 months since I last posted here? It doesn't seem like that long. Heh, and as I'm trying to post I simply can't think of anything to write. Course, I think my brain's half broke right now and it's late. So I'm going to ramble.

What to fill people in on, hmm. Still haven't talked to my parents since, what was it, May. Nor the rest of my family for that matter. I have my good and bad days with that. Some days are just a lot more difficult emotionally and I still get weepy. Some small thing will just remind me of a memory, and there it goes. But I get by. And we had a little cry when the hubby's parents sent a pic of Dawn's tombstone finally in place.

I think I'm going to change the theme here finally. I've seen this one for far too long now. It might take a while before my slow ass gets to it though. But hey, I'm posting and I've even commented to some of you, I'm on a roll, yo. And, good or bad, you can all thank Shadow for my recent activity. See babe, I told you I'd show up for my birthday... okay, so I'm a day early, hehe. But I'm here!

And thank you Vicky, Raina, and Shadow babe again. They kept spamming my comment box with love. So yeah, I'm back for you guys. Much love!

Okay, I gotta rant before I go though. You know what irked me? I'm going to be cynical. Can I be cynical for a moment? The few posts before my last one, of which I talked about 2 tragedies happening pretty much back to back, and how the one with my family worked out for the worst, pretty much and how I pretty much went through an emotional overload... and then I post a vid that I liked and just that vid for the most part... and people just have to comment glad to see your doing well or great to hear things are great. *eye twitch* Now I'm far from being up to current events with a lot of people by any means, and I don't expect everyone to keep up with what's happening to me all the time or anything, but just damn, yo. Pay attention to subject matter every so often. [/rant]

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