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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tues. May, 8th

Miranda Lotto from D Gray ManYeah, still haven't gotten better at this posting thing. Heh, I'm sure you guys manage. So how is everyone? If you have stuff you've posted, like fanart or what not, that you want me to look at, tell me would ya? I feel bad about missing stuff you guys contribute by being a lazy bum around here.

As for me, I'm finally feeling better. Finals are over. Though I hurt my foot, like the muscle right on the bottom, go figure. It hurts when I walk, so I do the silly little over compensation thing, which makes the rest of my foot hurt to match. Hurray!

Lets see what my fortune cookie says. Cause you know, don't you just have to know what everyone else's says when everyone opens them up? I know I do. A day without smiling is a day wasted. Ah, I got a lame one, and I got 4 letters for you buddy. Stfu. Smile that.

Yeah that was way off subject, like I really had one for this post anyway. Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now. Oh yeah! I found a neat Firefly vid that I'm sure any other Browncoats will enjoy! Heh... the whole 3 of us anyway. But it's got every major event in the series, I think.

They even got Jayne's hat... shiny.

Who doesn't love Hughes?

Because we demand more Firefly

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