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Monday, February 5, 2007

Mon. January, 5th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.I'm so tired right now, blah. I've been getting enough sleep, for the most part, but the sleep just doesn't seem restful. It took me like, 20 minutes to drag my ass out of bed just now. And I don't know what was up with that, but for a couple of hours straight yesterday, while I was at work, my heart started pounding so hard I could feel it. It felt like it was shaking my whole upper body. I had to force myself to breath normally, cause I could hardly feel my lungs with that going on. Talk about creepy. And very annoying on top of that. I'm surprised I didn't pass out, I felt like it a couple of times. But then it just... stopped all of a sudden. o_O

All right peoples, if you've sent me a PM, sort of recently, and I haven't replied to you, send it again. I just cleaned up my inbox finally, and got ride of a little over 200 PM's. No shit. I think I got to everyone, but with that many, hell if I'm sure. I feel as if I'm being swamped with them. I'm pretty used to getting a lot of them, but the amount has increased recently. Maybe it's just cause I've been a little more active around the O recently. I don't know, but damn, I can't keep up.

Well, since I'm already freakin behind this morning, that's it for today.

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