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Friday, January 26, 2007

Fri. January, 26th

Divine EleganceWow, I've become a really bad irregular poster haven't I? I'm sorry about that, I so suck. Class and work keeps me pretty busy. And in my spare time, the release of Knight's of the Nine has gotten me re hooked on Oblivion. Well this post is going to be short as well. I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I'm still alive, and I am around.

The Crθche needs updated as well, and I will get to that shortly. Speaking of which, I have a new padawan, everyone say hello to Raina for me! ^_^

So how's everyone been? Anything exciting happening in your lives that I missed? Any new fanarts I need to take a look at?

No man is a failure who has friends.

- Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life

Because we demand more Firefly

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