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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sat. January, 13th

Divine EleganceI've tried to hold this post off for as long as I could, but well, I guess it's time. :__:

The Mentor's Program has it's first graduate! Jess, step up if ya will. I would give a little speech about the first time I met Jess, but I don't think I remember. o_O I so suck. Anyway, I remember she first contacted me about becoming my padawan. She's got guts, I tell ya. Cause apparently, I'm a might intimidating to approach, I hear. =P She was also my first padawan.

She's been on the otaku longer than her account justifies, cause that's like, what username 2 or 3? ^_~ But it's only in this last year I've really gotten to know Jess. And I must say, she's an amazing girl. She's never failed to listen when I need to talk, she takes my moaning and groaning in stride, and even puts up with all my personality quarks. Heh, and in Jess I've also found another Star Wars soul mate.

Her layouts and graphics are beautiful and elegant. She's even one of a handful of people accepted into the Revolutionists. She's even better at div coding than I am and my padawan even has her own successful club on the otaku, found [here].

In this last year Jess has also become an important and fond member of the otaku. Many of us love her for what she is, a compassionate and supportive friend. Heh, I've just got to mention this Jess. My padawan defended her master very eloquently the other day. To my surprise and utmost pleasure, her comment looked exactly like something that I'd write. Right down to the (long) length, tone, and wording. I have never been so proud of a comment on the O before. The post, and comments along with it, have since been deleted by the user, so I can't point it out for everyone to read. Trust me, I would have. And stood jumping up and down over it with a bright neon sign just for everyone to read, haha.

I can't take credit for teaching her how to do her beautiful graphics or layouts, she learned that all on her own. I think if anything, my role was just to introduce her to other members of the community and maybe, just maybe, how to assert oneself and make your voice heard. She excelled very well in making many friends around here and after the other day, I'm quite confident in her ability to not be a pushover around the O. She has built her own foundation in this community, and I fear I have nothing left to offer her but my friendship. I am going to miss having her as a padawan terribly, but with her graduation I've gained a protege, a friend, and an equal.

So myOtaku, I give you my first protege, Ryi-Shikyo, the Mentor Program's first graduate and first member to climb the ranks to Master the hard way! Congratulations Jessica!

No man is a failure who has friends.

- Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life

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