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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Updates Ė Thank you!
September 26, 2006

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[My Bday request Ė Still here just cause]

Julian+JadziaGosh, I canít thank everyone enough for the birthday wishes! This community rocks something hard!

First off, Matsuo and Hardluckwoman, thanks so much for the lovely cards you made. I adored them.

Hinaru, enin, Milky, Beck, Tiff, Shadow, and Matsuo again, thanks for the shout outs and the lovely posts. Especially Beck and Shadow. How could I ask for more wonderful friends. You guys are the best. And thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. ^_^

Hehe, and enin, my dear Joshie, I couldnít have asked for a better present. Joshie-poo made me a couple of interesting vids and I canít express in words how totally amused I was. They made my day. Thank you muchly. Iíd share the love with you, but I donít know if heíd want me to, hehe. And besides, I donít mind snatching them all for myself, rawr.

Thank all of you. *huggles* Itís so sweet to come on and see so many shout outs. I adore you all. So what did I do today? Well as you know, Johnís parents took us out to Garfieldís today, and it was super yummie. And afterwards the hubby and I spent a nice evening at home watching DS9 and drinking Kanar. Yes, Iím a nerd. =P If you donít know what kanar is, then you wouldnít appreciate how neat it is, and how nerdy it is at the same time, ha ha ha.

Well I just wanted to say thanks to everyone, and now Iíve got to go to bed, work tomorrow, boo. Have a great day and thanks you wonderful people you!

Because we demand more Firefly

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Updates Ė Itís my birthday!
September 25, 2006

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[My Bday request]

Julian+JadziaMan, it has been a while since Iíve posted again, eh? A lot has happened since then. So here we go. Iíll try to keep everything short and to the point.

Well to start off, apparently like over a hundred people showed up for my cousinís funeral. He was well liked and will be missed.

And I got to ride on a speedboat and got my first scooter ride last weekend. It was all lots of fun. We pulled a skier with the boat for a while, and Ryan (the skier) his dad was driving and went around a turn at full speed, and of course, Ryan fell off. Heh, he turned the boat around and Ryanís comment, ďare you trying to kill me?Ē He dad was like ďnot fast enough for you? I couldnít go any faster!Ē Heh, they are an interesting father and son I tell ya.

The hubby finally got his scooter a couple of weeks ago. He got a Piaggio, the company that makes the Vespas. Itís nice, and pretty silver, and can go like 85 miles and hour. So itís not a little scooter by far. Itís as large as most motorcycles and I finally got to ride on the back of it. Oh man, it was a lot of fun! Iíll have to post a pic of it some time.

Aww, and my cousin Becky got married Saturday. She looked beautiful. She was my maid of honor and the closest thing I had to a sister growing up. I almost cried when she walked down the aisle. I had a lot of fun at the reception as well.

And yesterday, three of my co-workers surprised me with birthday presents. It was very sweet. They got me cookies, a little PT Cruiser model (I love my Leia) and the third season of the Family Guy. I was so surprised. And today for my birthday, Johnís parents are coming up to take us out to eat. And I think I want to go to Garfieldís. For those of you who know what they are, heh. Best cheesy fries ever! Plus happy hour! Heh, though I canít really take advantage of that. Oh well. =P

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, the CrŤche is up and running from its new location. The url is [here] if you want to check it out. So those of you who have banners up, please change the link urls cause Iím going to shut down the old one soon. I still havenít gotten the rest of white-satin up, but a big thanks to all those who are donating graphics to it already!! ^_^ You guys rock. But please keep the graphics at the urlís youíve sent me until I send a confirmation that Iíve saved them to my server.

And... I think thatís about all. Enough, I say, heh, what a lot of rambling. =P Well I hope everyone has a great Monday cause I do intend to enjoy mine. ^__^

Because we demand more Firefly

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Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15, 2006

Hey everyone, howís it going? For me, the situation at work is getting a little better. So weíll be hopeful. Urgh, but Iím sick now though. Iíve had a sore throat the past couple of days and today I feel rotten. It hasnít really turned into anything besides the sore throat, but today I just feel really raunchy.


A lot of you have asked what Firefly is. Well itís a TV show, obviously. But since thereís a marathon coming up, look to the banner below, and I wouldnít be a Browncoat if I didnít try to convert more fans, the next time I post Iíll put some info about the show up. Howís that? Maybe itíll spark some of the newbieís interest and youíll watch the marathon. Oh, and as of yet, I have never gotten someone to watch the show who didnít simply fall in love with it afterwards. Itís that good.

More bad news

I think everyone seems to be going gun crazy lately. What gives? First a father shoots and kills his kids and himself at my school, in the most peaceful and safe little town youíd ever find. Then the shooting in Montreal.

And now, just yesterday, my cousin shot and killed himself. My first cousin, I should say, he was my motherís sisterís youngest son.

I donít understand. He always seemed so calm and levelheaded to me. Very polite and nice. Like he had a stable head on his shoulders. The really sad thing is, he has a wife and kids too. And his mom, my aunt, just lost her husband a little over a year ago. I just donít know. I mean, why?

Because we demand more Firefly

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

September 06, 2006

RiverDo you ever notice how it seems a majority of people donít read all of a personís post when they visit? I mention a double murder/suicide at my school and it would seem the only thing most people read was the very last lines of the post involving Steve Irwin. Oh well, I guess itís good people can spot a celebrityís name in a paragraph. I was going to bitch about work, but I think not anymore. The only ones that would read it all anyway Iíve already told, so same difference.

Anyway, like the banner below shows, thereís going to be a Firefly marathon on the Sci-fi channel coming up soon, for anyone thatís been wanting to see it. Heh, hay Petie, here ya go. =P If you havenít seen this show, then you should watch it. It really is amazing.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

September 05, 2006

BrowncoatAnother quick post for me, I just wanted to let you guys know Iím still alive, heh. I have a whole boat load of crap to complain about for work, and someone in particular. And ya know, itís my page; I think I will, bitching is good for the soul. But Iíll do it next time cause I donít feel like typing it all out right now.

In other news besides that, there was a shooting at my university. A father shot his two college sons and himself right in front of a dormitory. The one I used to live in, nonetheless. I mean, wtf inspires someone to gun down their own children? One tried to run away too for Christís sake. Shepherdstown is a small, peaceful little college town, that kind of stuff just shouldnít happen there. Itís disturbing.

And my god, Steve Irwin was killed today, well yesterday by now. Thatís sad as well, I loved that guy. Iíd have to say I looked up to him for running a zoo and raising a family. And he was just plain entertaining, ya know.

So, with all this depressing stuff, well I lied, and a not so short post, how about something funny? Cause we need humor the most when weíre down. Itís another Firefly goodie.

A must see for all Browncoats!

If you missed last times Firefly goodie, you can find it in the archives.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

September 02, 2006

BrowncoatNothing much to say again for me. I finally got a day off yesterday and enjoyed it. But itís back to work already, le sigh. I know I still have love posts to catch up on and I havenít worked on white-satin for a while. And I'm sorry for still not getting around to anyone. But thanks Bells and Jess for submitting icons for display! ^__^ You guys rock. Oh and, heh, I havenít saved them yet, so donít delete them from those urls quite yet. Sorry for being slow about that.

I do have a goodie for Firefly fans though. Itís a little tribute I came across on youtube. Watch it and spread the support!

You canít stop the signal!

Because we demand more Firefly

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30, 2006

H/Hr shipperMan, Iím tired and I want to go back to bed, but I canít, boo. Iím also sick and tired of all the drama going on at work. I hate crybabies, grow the fuck up already. And Iím particularly bitchy because this is day number 8 in a row without a day off, and I still have one more to go. That place is going to drive me crazy.

Iím sorry for not visiting anyone lately and generally not being around. Iím being a horrible master right now as well. Iím sorry Tiff and Jess. Iím not sure when Iíll be back next, but I promise it wonít be as long as this time.

Take care everyone.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19, 2006

H/Hr shipperItís been another while; I suppose I should post something. =P What I have been doing this week, nothing excessively brilliant. I did, however, get the main page of my new site finished. Petie pwns us all, just deal with it. Thank you again for your help! You can view the main page with the link below. Obviously, the other pages havenít been built yet, so the links wonít take you anywhere. =P


The site is going to be a graphics goodie place with icons, sig banners, and pre-made layouts for people to download. There are some talented layout makers here on the O contributing to the layout section. It should be good. ^__^ And Iíll be sending a PM to you ladies Iíve already asked either today or tomorrow with more specifics about it.

Want your art displayed?

I am, however, going to need more avatars and banners. Iíd like this site to host a collection of graphics from many different people. Our own little myO collective, if you will. So if you would be interested in donating some of your graphics for display, feel free to PM me. Youíll get full credit for your work and I will host the images for you. Iím afraid I do reserve the right to decide what will be displayed, as this is a site for high quality graphics. But thereís no harm in trying to get your stuff displayed, is there? And I know there are many of you talented in this area. The only requirements for icons and banners is this.

  • Avatars need to be 100x100, no other sizes.
  • Sig banners can be any size. But they do need to have "white-satin.net" on them somewhere, it doesnít have to be glaringly obvious. Just subtle. We want people to know where a person got it, so theyíll find the site and download more of your graphics.

    As for content. Avatars and banners can be on any subject you like, movies, anime, actors, booksÖ whatever you want. Just remember that people will probably download avatars and such on subjects they are familiar with, over others.

    There will also be an artist section with profiles of all the artist who have donated to the site. So snap to it my little graphic making chickadees! We can make this a wonderful collective site. Donít be afraid to submit your stuff!
  • Because we demand more Firefly

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    Monday, August 14, 2006

    August 14, 2006

    We love you SephyAnd now to continue the lovinís posts with Dark Sephiroth, or Sephy-chan as some of you know her. To me, I canít find a nickname that expresses how much I luff her, but she does let me call her Josie-cat without giving me the evil eye, haha. Long, but short storyÖ. Anyway, ahem. Oh man, what havenít Sephy and I been through? But do you know what? She was there through it all. And never once did she think of leaving.

    Cause thatís Sephy, whether she realizes it about herself or not. Sheís a beautiful, independent, and fiercely loyal friend. Sheíd take on and knock the head off of someone twice her size if they were daring to hurt someone she cared for. Itís hard to express how much I admire that trait about someone. Heh, cause really, the girl does have it all, the looks, the heart, and the style.

    The style you can get from her absolutely gorgeous graphics. I think Sephy was one of the people who inspired me to get into making graphics. She puts many of us to shame and intimidates the rest. But the thing I adore most, is her heart. Something you wouldnít find out until you get to know her on a more personal level. Sheís very tolerant about any thoughts, ideas, and actions. Sheís the kind of person that would never ridicule anything you did, whether it was stupid or not. And believe me, Iíve done plenty of stupid things. Instead sheíll try to offer some heh, obviously less stupid suggestions to you to try and guide you back to the safer way.

    The girl is also full of a sort of passion you donít see in many people. To me, I see it in everything she does, she attacks everything in life with all she has and pours her heart into it. I think thatís what makes her such a loyal friend. She puts her heart into friendships as well. And you can really tell. Sheís not afraid to offer kind words of comfort, or use her incredible sense of humor to cheer you up when down, or to even just sit silently with you for quiet support. Even her quiet support is most comforting because you can just feel her loving and supportive nature come through without the words.

    So my Sephy babe, I hope this post does you some justice. I want you to know how much I adore you. You are one of the best friends Iíve ever had. My stable confidant that I trust to confide anything to. And even though weíve had our ups and downs, and sadly our own little squabbles, I donít plan on ever letting you go. Heh, youíre stuck with me. You really are a wonderful gal, and I want everyone else to know it too, cause you deserve it.

    Because we demand more Firefly

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    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    August 12, 2006

    DuoI guess I should post something, eh? I donít quite have the time to make a love post this time around. Man, I need to get cracking on more of those too. I still have like a dozen more to go. Got lots more loviní to spread around the otaku.

    I bought two DVDís the other day, theyíre oldies, but classics. Mallrats and the Karate Kid. Bite me; I like the Karate Kid, okay. I was a kid in the 80ís, so I grew up with that movie. Brings back lots of memories, good times. And Mallrats is one of my favorite Kevin Smith films.

    And now, just cause I said so, one of my favorite scenes from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Itís a total Star Wars/Batman parody. Made even better cause itís actually Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself).

    [Warning: lots of silliness and foul language abound]

    Because we demand more Firefly

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