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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thur. February, 22nd

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.Wow, it's been over a month, eh? I just wanted to post to let everyone know I'm still alive. =P I'm taking a break from here and most Internet related stuff, if you couldn't tell already. So I'm sorry about not visiting everyone in ages. I will be back though. So until then, ja ne everyone.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sat. January, 10th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.I feel like complete hell. I just want to crawl back into bed and die. To coin MASH, that is all.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tues. January, 6th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.Well I'm just going all out on the strange occurrences. I was typing a comment last night, I only got to a few people, I'm sorry about that, anyway, I just got this urge to cry. And for no reason. Wasn't sad, or frustrated, or mad... okay, I was studying anatomy before that, and the shear amount of stuff makes me want to cry. XD So I'm not sure where that came from. I think I'm just tired.

I'm sorry if I sort of concerned some people talking about irregular heart patterns from the last post. I dunno, it was worrisome, so I guess I was juts venting. It kind of seemed like my blood pressure was too low or too high, so my heart was working overtime to compensate. Heh, and me, I just kept working. Wasn't really sure what else to do at the time, so yeah. It didn't happen today again, so who knows. Irregular heart patterns, sleep not working, strange urges... maybe I'm just on crack, and I don't know it yet. =P

There are some of you waiting to be added to the Creche. I will try to get those done today, promise. I am also working on giving the Hyuuga Clan site a make over, finally. It's new layout's going to be Hyuuga Hinata, just cause I want to have her children.

Random note, I got a 100 on my last anatomy quiz, yay! Although I think I just got a B on my last lab quiz. D:

Because we demand more Firefly

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Mon. January, 5th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.I'm so tired right now, blah. I've been getting enough sleep, for the most part, but the sleep just doesn't seem restful. It took me like, 20 minutes to drag my ass out of bed just now. And I don't know what was up with that, but for a couple of hours straight yesterday, while I was at work, my heart started pounding so hard I could feel it. It felt like it was shaking my whole upper body. I had to force myself to breath normally, cause I could hardly feel my lungs with that going on. Talk about creepy. And very annoying on top of that. I'm surprised I didn't pass out, I felt like it a couple of times. But then it just... stopped all of a sudden. o_O

All right peoples, if you've sent me a PM, sort of recently, and I haven't replied to you, send it again. I just cleaned up my inbox finally, and got ride of a little over 200 PM's. No shit. I think I got to everyone, but with that many, hell if I'm sure. I feel as if I'm being swamped with them. I'm pretty used to getting a lot of them, but the amount has increased recently. Maybe it's just cause I've been a little more active around the O recently. I don't know, but damn, I can't keep up.

Well, since I'm already freakin behind this morning, that's it for today.

Because we demand more Firefly

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wed. January, 3th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.Got the new L look up sooner than I thought. =P L's such a freak, but I love him! L is God. And he looks so sweet in this picture, awwww. Although, does he actually ever sleep? o_O I'm going to change the music to match as soon as I get the time. I'm going with a little Lacuna Coil. As you can tell, I was listening to them when I made this. =P

My loves list and the shout box are gone, I know. They'll be back, I just haven't finished getting everything in order. So you'll just have to be patient with me.

I really did have something else I wanted to say today. But I'm also watching The Wine Kone and he totally distracted me. Ah hell, it's too early in the morning to think of anything anyway. Have a good day everyone!

Because we demand more Firefly

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tues. January, 30th

Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.Ooooohh, two posts in the same week-ish, I'm on a role now. But I actually have something to say, imagine that! Rebecca, one of my closest friends, who was also one of my brides maids is getting married. Okay, I already knew that, but she asked me to be one of her brides maids. ^__^ Yay! I love weddings. This will be the fourth wedding I've been in. See people love me. STFU!! They do too!

It's time to change the theme around here. Although I'm really going to miss Audrey, I'm already working on another one. Those of you who have noticed my icon lately can guess who it's gonna be. Yes, yes, that smart little oddball is one of my current obsessions right now.

Ah, and thank you Shader, for visiting my new padawan Raina. As a rule of mine, I don't plug people too often, but my padawans are the exception. And Shader was the only one who visited her and said hello. Wow, my influence around here has died apparently, if my shout outs can't draw more people than that. o_O Come now, she's a very nice, and sweet girl, how about we make her feel welcome on myO, eh?

Rocco: Fucking... What the fuck. Who the fuck fucked this fucking... How did you two fucking fucks...
Rocco: FUCK!
Connor: Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.

- From the Boondock Saints (1999)

Because we demand more Firefly

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Fri. January, 26th

Divine EleganceWow, I've become a really bad irregular poster haven't I? I'm sorry about that, I so suck. Class and work keeps me pretty busy. And in my spare time, the release of Knight's of the Nine has gotten me re hooked on Oblivion. Well this post is going to be short as well. I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I'm still alive, and I am around.

The Crèche needs updated as well, and I will get to that shortly. Speaking of which, I have a new padawan, everyone say hello to Raina for me! ^_^

So how's everyone been? Anything exciting happening in your lives that I missed? Any new fanarts I need to take a look at?

No man is a failure who has friends.

- Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life

Because we demand more Firefly

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sat. January, 13th

Divine EleganceI've tried to hold this post off for as long as I could, but well, I guess it's time. :__:

The Mentor's Program has it's first graduate! Jess, step up if ya will. I would give a little speech about the first time I met Jess, but I don't think I remember. o_O I so suck. Anyway, I remember she first contacted me about becoming my padawan. She's got guts, I tell ya. Cause apparently, I'm a might intimidating to approach, I hear. =P She was also my first padawan.

She's been on the otaku longer than her account justifies, cause that's like, what username 2 or 3? ^_~ But it's only in this last year I've really gotten to know Jess. And I must say, she's an amazing girl. She's never failed to listen when I need to talk, she takes my moaning and groaning in stride, and even puts up with all my personality quarks. Heh, and in Jess I've also found another Star Wars soul mate.

Her layouts and graphics are beautiful and elegant. She's even one of a handful of people accepted into the Revolutionists. She's even better at div coding than I am and my padawan even has her own successful club on the otaku, found [here].

In this last year Jess has also become an important and fond member of the otaku. Many of us love her for what she is, a compassionate and supportive friend. Heh, I've just got to mention this Jess. My padawan defended her master very eloquently the other day. To my surprise and utmost pleasure, her comment looked exactly like something that I'd write. Right down to the (long) length, tone, and wording. I have never been so proud of a comment on the O before. The post, and comments along with it, have since been deleted by the user, so I can't point it out for everyone to read. Trust me, I would have. And stood jumping up and down over it with a bright neon sign just for everyone to read, haha.

I can't take credit for teaching her how to do her beautiful graphics or layouts, she learned that all on her own. I think if anything, my role was just to introduce her to other members of the community and maybe, just maybe, how to assert oneself and make your voice heard. She excelled very well in making many friends around here and after the other day, I'm quite confident in her ability to not be a pushover around the O. She has built her own foundation in this community, and I fear I have nothing left to offer her but my friendship. I am going to miss having her as a padawan terribly, but with her graduation I've gained a protege, a friend, and an equal.

So myOtaku, I give you my first protege, Ryi-Shikyo, the Mentor Program's first graduate and first member to climb the ranks to Master the hard way! Congratulations Jessica!

No man is a failure who has friends.

- Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life

Because we demand more Firefly

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wed. January, 10th

Divine EleganceBe warned, this is a long rant concerning myO: Alright, this nonsense around the otaku has to stop. I am tired of chain letters being sent through PM's. I am pretty sure spamming is against the rules for the otaku. Am I right? What's more, I get chain letters from people I've never even met on myO before.

I'll ask everyone's opinion on this. So I get a stupid chain letter through PM's. Nothing new, I literally can get half a dozen a day from morons... add this to the large amount of PM's I get anyway, valid ones I might add, about clubs, help, or the mentor's program. Whatever.

Back to the point. I am tired of dealing with people who cannot follow the rules of the otaku. So I admit, I'm starting to get an attitude with these people. So I get an attitude with said chain letter sender. Who is breaking the rules. Sending me spam. To my personal account. And I don't know them, at all. Never even seen the username before. My question is, do I have a right to get an attitude with said user?

Because I think so. People know everyone hates these things, yet they insist on sending them. Why, I'll never know. Heh, and now said user sent a PM back. They were most displeased with my attitude. Something like, “don't blame the messenger, blame the creator.” Well pardon me, but the last time I checked, this wasn't the Matrix. A program doesn't come out of a chain letter and hold a gun to your head and force you to continue that chain. This isn't elementary school. Everyone on here should at least be a teenager. Honestly.

Oh but this doesn't end here. They even posted about me getting an attitude with them. Defending their right to spam. Would you like to read it? To coin Evil, it be [hurr] yo.

And may I point out, in almost four years of being on theO I have never singled someone out negatively in one of my posts before. Never. Anyone who knows me, knows it's uncharacteristic, but I am sick and tired of this shit. And as we know, I don't strike out without being provoked either. But I am still going to use this as an example. If you want to complain about someone publicly, then everyone has the right to read. And I have the right to defend myself.

So why if they are spamming me, should I be made out to be the bad guy here?

Because we demand more Firefly

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tues. January, 9th

Divine EleganceWell, as March slowly draws nearer, I suppose I better start thinking of a St. Patrick's Day theme. Cause as we know, I love that holiday. Let's see, I did The Boondock Saints last year. Mmmm, Conor and Murphy. I don't know what do to this year. Any suggestions?

As you requested Vicky-chan, here we go:

01. The first character I fell in love with: Morpheus and Neo
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Agent Smith
03. The character everyone else loves that I don't: Niobe
04. The character I love that everyone else hates: Dunno, the Merovingian, maybe
05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Cypher
06. The character I would shag anytime: Seraph
07. The character I'd want to be like: Persephone
08. The character I'd slap: Locke
09. A pairing that I love: Neo x Trinity... I could probably go for a little Seraph/Neo as well =P
10. A pairing that I hate: Morpheus x Niobe

I am a little short on time at the moment, I gotta get my ass off to take my Anatomy placement test (nervous, wish me luck), so Jess babe I'll have to post about you next time. If you are reading this post and you didn't read my last one, and you are one of my closer friends, go back and read the last one! There might be a personal message for you.

No man is a failure who has friends.

- Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life

Because we demand more Firefly

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