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Thursday, October 7, 2004

I never thought a morning could be so bad... First I didn't wake up this morning so I made a nice hot cup of coffe, and I went to turn on the computer and I leaned over without putting the cup down so it splashed all voer me and it was so hot. I changed and I saw my dogs were out of food and tangled up so I went to untangle them and one of them got free and ran off so I went to the front and walked down the street for a moment and she came running fast and hit me (she always does >.<) and I fell to the middle of the street and I thought I was dieing of how much bad luck I was having and all of a sudden a truck is coming by! so I quickly got up and went to the side of the rode and these guys drove by winking at making kissy faces at me, and I had had it! And I just came in side and here I am.. I seriously hope the rest of my day isn't this bad -.-
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