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Result Posted on 03/13/06:

Result Posted on 01/07/06:
i've just barely learned of Nightwish. the first song i heard was this one and i loved it!

You are I wish I Had An Angel
I wish i had an angel- You wish for someone to
share everything with, to love you and protect
you. You envie those who have a loving

What Nightwish Song Are You?
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:


Wich FF guy are you?
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:

You are a samurai. You are skilled, balanced, and deadly. You hold
honor to your highest value. As a samurai, you
not only know how to fight, but you also know
the skills on how to live.(i.e. cooking,
household chores, e.t.c) You protect your
homeland, and village against any threat that
might ovepower it, and would never leave any of
your comrades behind. You are the right person
to go to for advice, for you are wise beyond
your years. You fight for what you believe in,
and also for what is right, nothing else! Weapon: Katana Value: Honor Feelings: calm and confident

What Type of Warrior are You. (For Girls AND Boys) Long quiz. Be prepared.
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Result Posted on 10/29/05:
yea, thats me

long long long survey (over 300)
~*~ First, the basics. Of course. ~*~
What's your name?:Jonathan I Garcia
How old are you?:15
When's your birthday?:12/7/89
Where do you live?:Del Rio, TX
Are you a guy or a gal?:guy
~::~Your looks~::~
What color is your hair naturally?:black
Is it dyed right now?:no
What color are your eyes?:dark brown
Do you where contacts or glasses?:glasses, but i'm getting contacts
If you where contacts, do you where colored ones?:well i don't have them yet do i?
How long is your hair?:short
How do you usually where it?:combed forward
How tall are you?:5'10" ish
How much do you weigh?:185 ish
What size shoes do you where?:11 or 11 1/2, some shoes fit different for me
What style clothes do you usually where?:whatever
What are you wearing right now?:jeans, shirt
What jewelery do you where regularly?:silver crusifix, but i need to get it shined
Have any piercings?:no
Are your nails painted?:no
#~#Would you or have you ever #~#
Dive into a pool of jello?:sure why not?
Get a tatoo?:maybe
Try and get on Fear Factor?:for money :)
Try and get on some other reality show?:again, for money :)
Pierce your tongue?:no
Go bungee jumping?:maybe
Sky diving?:again
Scuba diving?:i don't swim well
Ask someone out?:i would if she would BREAK UP WITH HER BOYFRIEND ALREADY!!!!!!!!
Fly an airplane?:can i? sweet! *flys plane, crashes into mountain*
Fly in a hot air balloon?:sure! *same story*
Try and get in the Olympics?:well there is some shooting events, so i guess
Eat a bug?:for money :)
::!:: About your crush, bf/gf, etc. ::!::
What's their name?:i'd rather not say
Are they a boy or a girl?:girl
What's their favorite color?:uhhh
Favorite animal?:ummm
Favorite pass time?:errr
How long have you known them?:since 7th grade, about 3 years
Do you talk alot?:sometimes
What size shoes do they where?:ehhh
What color is their hair?:black
What about their eyes (the more detailed the better)?:well, just, beautiful
Do you like their style of dress?:yea
Would you change anything about them?:no, shes fine the way she is
Do they sleep with stuffed animals?:i don't know
How tall are they?:about 5' 8"
What's their favorite food?:i don't know
Favorite song?:damn it, i don't know that either
Favorite sport to play?:shes in Volleyball
To watch?:uhh
Favorite band?:umm (i need to talk to her a little more i guess)
How old are they?:shes 16 i think
Do you think you'll marry them someday?:hopefully
Are you in love?:....
>~< Your favorite things >~<
Color?:midnight blue
Pass time?:guitar
Sport to watch?:football
Sport to play?:well, even though i havn't played full-pad since 6th grade, its football
Food?:Spaghetti (did i spell it right?)
Ice cream?:Rocky Road
Time of day?:sunset
Day of the week?:friday
Time of the year?:fall, just before winter starts
Memory?:my old friends from back home
Place to be?:my room
Person to be with?:i'm usually alone, but any of my friends
Room in the house?:mine
Article of clothing?:the jeans i'm wearing right now
Accessory?:my silver crusifix
Name?:i don't know
State?:well, Texas, i guess
Kind of weather?:light rain
=?= Word Association =?=
Friend::show (didn't i just do this one?)
Annoyance::Chris Petersen
=) Answer in song lyrics (=
Describe yourself::uhh, this is kinda hard
Describe your friends::...
Describe your family::...
Are you a guy or girl?:...
Where do you want to be right now?:...
Describe how you feel 'bout your crush, etc.::...
Describe how you feel right now::...
Describe your life::...
Give me a word of advice::...
Tell me something uplifting::... (i'll do this section again and post it later or something)
@',---- Randomness ----,'@
What are you doing right now?:taking this survey, DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I'm hungry. Are you?:got the munchies
What are you listening too?:Staind - Right Here
How many people are you talking to on IM?:no one is on right now, but i got maybe like 12 friends
Are you singing or talking or anything like that?:humming along to the song
Who do you miss?:oh, great, make me depressed why don't you! now i'm not saying
Who did you get your last email from?:i don't know, havn't checked it in a while
Who do you wish would write?:i never get mail
Learned anything new lately?:yea, i'm in school ain't i?
What's the last thing you ate?:Chinese food
Got any hobbies?:music and games
How long has it been since you've done something creative?:i'm still working on a song
When's the last time you went outside?:5 minutes ago
Who's the last person you hit?:i don't remember
Who's house where you at last?:Javi's
Who's house did you last spend the night at?:Tony and JP's
What's on your mind right now?:nothing really
When's the last time you were really angry?:thursday
When's the last time you got royally emberassed?:7th grade on a UIL trip
Who do you wish you were with right now?:hmmm, i wonder, there was only an entire section above on this!
Got any plans for the weekend?:it is the weekend and i already carried out my plans
Are you getting tired of this yet?:yes *twitch*
Will you be my friend?:will you give me a dollar?
When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?:i punch a wall
/*/ This or That /*/
Green or blue?:blue
Red or purple?:purple
Hot or cold?:cold
Pizza or lasgna?:pizza
Bread or ice cream?:ice cream
Cake or pie?:cake
Tofu or chicken?:chiken
Ugly or fat?:DAMN YOU!
Camera or camcorder?:camera
IM or in person?:in person after IM
Phone or computer?:Phone
Movie or TV?:movie
Alone or over crowded?:alone or with a few people
Music or silence?:music
Walk or run?:walk
Bike or rollerblades?:walk
Ring or bracelet?:ring
Taken or single?:DAMN IT!
Guys or gals?:gals
Dark or light?:dark
Bright or subdued?:subdued
Cheerful or cranky?:cranky
Smile or grin?:grin
Pen or pencil?:pen
Paper or plastic?:plastic
Tiger or cheetah?:tiger
Dolphin or shark?:dolphin
Catsup or Ketchup?:neither
Mayonnaise or miracle whip?:neither
Pirates of the Carribean or Lord ofthe Rings?:both
Knife or scizzors?:knife
Pants or shorts?:pants
Windy or calm?:breezy
Flower or weed?:flower
Half empty or half full?:half full
Cordless or cell?:cell, HINT HINT MOM AND DAD!!
House or home?:home
Karate or kick boxing?:self trained
---->About your friends<-----
Who's the nicest?:Ram
The cutest?:damn it, i only have a small amount of girl friends. well, damn, this is hard. hmm. (actually this isn't hard, but again, i'd rather not say who it is)
The tallest?:Broyles
The shortest?:Javi
Who's the meanest?:depends
Do you have a crush on one of them?:*taps fingers on desk*
Who's most likely to end up in jail?:Albert HAHAHA!
Who's most likely to become all the want to be?:Javi
Who's the smartest?:Javi or Jacob
The loudest?:Phillip
The quietest?:not including me? than Javi
The nosiest?:Albert
The most obnoxious?:hmmm, possibly Albert
Who can you relate to best?:used to be Albert, now its either Ram or Javi
Who knows you the best?:Javi
Who have you known the longest?:Javi
How 'bout the shortest?:Javi (sorry man, they asked it twice)
Who do you see most often?:Ram
Who makes you laugh the most?:all even
Who makes you cry the most?:none
Who's the strongest?:oh, theres a good one. Javi, Ram, Michael, or Omar
The weakest?:hmm, i don't know
The most creative?:Javi or Phillip
The shyest?:well i'm the shyest of us all
Most outgoing?:Ashley maybe? i don't know
Most colorful?:Ashley
Most stylish?:i don't know
Most likely to become a model?:Phillip LOL XD jk, i don't know
Most likely to end up pierced many times over?:hmmm, Ethan possibly
Most likely to hurt themselves accidently?:Josh XD
Most likely to try a citizens arrest?:Javi
Who sings the most?:Javi or Albert
Who has the best singing voice?:Javi
Best talking voice?:depends on who is sick at any one time
Who wears the most jewelry?:Ashley i think, or Phillip, jk
Who whistles the most?:Frankie
Who's house do you spend the most time at?:Javi
*#* Thought provokers *#*
Is abortion wrong? Give the reason for your answer.:to me, yes, i think of it as murder
What about euthenasia?:there is such a thing as a mercy kill
What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq?:"bring them home" are my thoughts
I just got a letter from President Bush! ( I know, that didn't fit):ooookay....?
Is there life on other planets?:its possible
How did we get here?:i'm a creation believer
Creation or the Big Bang or something else?:i just said, Creation
Is sex before marraige wrong?:yes, hence, half our school is evil
Is it wrong to be gay?:thats God's call
How old should children be when they start school?:its fine how it is (how old are we when we start school any way?)
Is the Bible true?:i'm not gunna answer that
Did Jesus really come to earth and die for our sins?:yes, i believe
If you could do absoulutley anything, what would you do?:i don't know
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?:half to charity, half for shopping
Jesus loves you.:this i know...
Why are we here?:ask God, not me
)(More random randimosity)(
What color is the sky?:no color, the blue is a reflection of the light off of the sea
Is color real or just an illusion?:well, i don't know
Do you think I could have the president for a pen pal?:i guess
What's behind you?:my back
Who's in the room with you?:no one
What can you hear right now?:my music
Without turning your head, what can you see?:the computer, the TV, my guitar, my sterio, my dresser
What are your emotional fears?:...
What are your physical fears?:...
What brings you joy?:music
Do you have any addictions?:no
Any obsessions?:not really
What's on your bedroom walls?:posters, no wait, i took them down. nothing
Do you have any stuffed animals?:no
I forgot this one - what's your favorite movie?:i don't know
How many people are in your family?:alot
Got any people you call siblings, but aren't related?:no
Who's the last person you hugged?:hmm, i think it was Ashely, but i'm not sure
I'm still hungry, are you?:getting there
What's something you're waiting for?:my calling
Do you like to take pictures?:no
Collect anything?:no
What can you see out the nearest window?:nothing, its dark
What's your least favorite chore?:trash
What do you dread?:losing loved ones
What are you looking forward too?:graduation
Do you like your handwriting?:hmmm, not really
How fast do you type?:semi-fast
What color are your socks?:white
What do your favorite pair of shoes look like?:black sketchers
How long has it been since you've worn real tennis shoes?:two days
Do you want a pair of converse all stars?:not really
What color?:i said "not really"
What was the last commercial you saw?:Orbit gum
What was the last movie you watched?:South Park
What was the last movie you watched in theaters?:Wallace and Gromit *cough* it was crap! *cough*
What was the last movie you saw that you'd never seen?:again
This is almost over! Happy?:YAY!
What are you gonna do when you're finally FINISHED?:uh, i don't know
Are you smart?:yea
Is your room a mess or clean or in between?:inbetween
Do you like cheese?:yes
I like peanut butter on cheese. Am I weird?:no, just unique (i'm gunna try that)
Quick! Start singing!:k, But you allways find a way to keep me right here waiting...
What's the weather like?:partly cloudy
When's the last time you flew?:2 years ago
Do you LIKE to fly?:it was my first time and it was okay
This is over.:YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Result Posted on 10/26/05:

TRUMPET!!!!! HEACK YA! YOU ROOL!!! you work hard, and have fun at the same time. fun
loving, and confident,and LOUD! YOU ROOL! (Me:BRASS SECTION IS THE BEST, NO DOUT!)

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Result Posted on 09/18/05:
I am ugly! Hear me roar! lol

These sophisticated barbarian beast peoples of the
Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains are noted
for their unshakeable courage in war and their
unflinching endurance of hardships. Orc
warriors in heavy armor are among the finest
front-line troops in the Empire. Most Imperial
citizens regard Orc society as rough and cruel,
but there is much to admire in their fierce
tribal loyalties and generous equality of rank
and respect among the sexes.

What is your race from TES III: Morrowind? (with pictures)
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Result Posted on 09/18/05:

I am Bahamut
You are Bahamut! You are King of the Dragons, and
rightfully so, for few can stand up to your
Mega Flare. Everything about you simply
screams "bad ass."

What Final Fantasy summon are you?
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Result Posted on 09/18/05:
Kick ass!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 09/18/05:
In my opinion, the only non Final Fantasy character in KH to not suck!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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