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Thursday, November 10, 2005

i know that i havn't been going to you guy's sites, and i have no rel reason other than i was just to lazy to go to all the sites. so when i get back from school today (THU) i'll visit.
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WED at a glance
time: late Wed. night
mood; tired/bored
song: Green Day - Give me novacaine

(all this happend on WED, not today. as is the case in almost every one of my posts)

1st period - damn book quizes! we're reading The Scarlet Letter in English and we read like 2 chapters a day! then we get quized on it! it sucks! but i'm passing them, i think, so i guess it could be worse.
2nd period - i gave Frankie til tomorrow to challenge Fernando for his spot. if he don't do it, i'll challenge Frankie! (this is basically for rank)
3rd - more Spanish vocabulary. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
4th - Ashley thinks Michael and Javi left her behind on the way to lunch, they think she left them behind, short argument, we eat, i get wrongfully acused of something, i don't even remember what it was, maybe i did do it, i don't know, i don't care.
5th - teacher finally gets back. (her mother passed away) so we do vocabulary
6th - i sit with Amaris's group instead of Chris's because i get through with work faster if he's not constantly taking my pencil and notebook and backpack etc, etc. XD
7th - i fooked up me solo for Mariachi
8th - quiz, forgot to bring my chapter vocab that was due, got more vocab.
afterschool - i get picked up ON TIME for once

i ate four plates of Spaghetti! XD
thats the most i've eaten of anything in 2 months.

youth group:
we talk. Albert, Alex, and Javi weren't there. Albert wasn't supposed to be there last week.

home, again:
bored. playing gtar.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

bored shitlless!
time:11:16pm (tuesday)
mood: bored!!!
song: Blink 182 - Josie

damn it! theres nothing to do! i'm talking with javi and he just keeps asking about the algerbra II homework! GRRRRRRRRRRR! i'm goin to sleep!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

some practice
mood: bored
song: FOB (fallout boy) - Dance dance

so i go to UIL practice and wait for the sponser to show up. he gets there 15 mins late than leaves to a meeting. so i get a test and leave. i know the next comp isn't until December but still we need to practice dipshit! w/e.

still havn't added any lines to the song. can't think of anything else to put on it. hopefully we'll have it done by Saturday so we can put some music to it.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo, yea....



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time: 11:08pm (sunday night)
mood: happy/tired
song: Green Day - Wake me up when september ends

my gtar is tuned! yay! been working on Good Riddance and Adam's Song and they sound okay so far. well, better get to sleep.

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Monday, November 7, 2005

a little better
time: 5:15pm
mood: tired
song: My Will (another inuyasha ending theme)

feeling better than i did this morning but still kinda sick...
only added two more lines to the song...
got bit like three times today, again, dosn't really hurt though...
damn guitar won't stay in tune... broke my pick...
found a new pick at school...
watched the movie "Contact" in chemistry, pretty weird...

thats basically it, i'm gunna try and tune the damn gtar. i put gtar instead of guitar because i'm to lazy to spell out guitar even though i just did spell it out right now and now i'm making a big sentence to explain why i used the word 'gtar' instead of 'guitar' which would have been shorter because i wouldn't have too explain why i used gtar instead of guitar.

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feel like crap
time: 11:20pm(posted Sunday night)
mood: i think i'm sick
song: Hamasaki Ayumi - Dearest (Piano)
[one of the many Inuyasha ending themes]

i'm feeling really bad right now. i've been like that for most of the day and most of yesterday too. i couldn't eat or anything. it sucked. had to finnish reading the 4 chapters of "The Scarlet Letter" for tomorrow. big whoop. well hopefully i'll get better with some sleep.

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

sunday sunday sunday!
time: 11:35am
mood: bored
song: Blink 182 - Adam's song

just sitting here, learning songs. me and Javi were writing a song about bus trips yesterday on the way home form the game. we only got one verse of it (and i don't remember how ir went right now) but it was funny. we won the game too. 20-7 i think. i was feeling too down to notice the score. thats about it, l8rz.

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

greetings from Austin
time: 1:
mood: tired
song: Nickleback - Photograph

i'm here at my sis's duplex, updating. went to my cousin's game to watch him play. they lost but thats okay, the band was good.
i made second band! wooooot! and tomorrow i'm meeting up with the band at the game and going back with them. gotta wake up like at 8 to make it in time so l8r

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Friday, November 4, 2005

outa town
time: 6
mood: tired
song: Green Day - Good Riddance

well, i'm leaving town. gunna go watch my cousin perform at his game (hes band too). then i'll meet my band at the game, watch us lose, and come back with the band.

Yesterday one of the directors came out with the list for who was in 2nd and 3rd band. 1st has a different class period. so today i'll find out which i'm in.

nothing much else to talk about. so l8r

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