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Monday, October 3, 2005

An okay day.
time: 6:29pm
mood: idk
song: ....

today was okay i guess. i had an issue with deciding who to vote for "band sweetheart" (that person goes on to be a candidate for homecoming queen) for me it was either Adrianna (fellow trumpet), or Ashley (a friend) so i just closed my eyes, put my finger on the paper, and which ever name was closer, i voted for that person. turned out to be Adri. so we'll find out later how much of a difference my ordeal made. for the guys i just voted Nathan cuz hes cool.

oh yea, Albert got in an argument with a freshman girl. i don't know what it was about though. but yall guys can ask ThisGuy if you want. (not really, he'll probably explain it if he leaves a comment here)

well i'm gunna leave the house for a bit, then i'll come back and visit sites.

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Saturday, October 1, 2005


We're 3-2, 1-1 in district! And our JV team won too! i don't remeber the JV score, but the varsity score was 31-24! it was a badass game! i don't think we (the band) played the fight song as many times last season as we have these last 5 games! my lips were dead from playing so much! this is turning out to be a good year so far!

as far as band goes, we're behind schedual, so we need to work a bit harder now. UIL contest is in two weeks i believe, and i don't think we're ready. but at least the failure amount came down from nearly 80 to a little more than 30.

site checking time! l8r.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Day off!
Time: 1:06pm
mood: bored
song: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

just gunna sit here and work on playing Stairway to Heaven. i got homework, but i'll save that for later.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Repaired! sorta
Time: 9:35pm
mood: happy
song: Metallica-Enter Sandman

Well, i got most of my trumpet fixed up. i got the jammed mouthpeice out and i recovered the lost valve cap. now i got to fix the bracket that broke and repair the dents. but i can take care of that later. for now its in okay condition. it'll be even better when i use the silver polish i just bought. and thats not all! i got my acoustic/electric guitar in tune for once and i replaced the broken 3rd string on my sister's aco/elec. and then i took ownership of it because shes off in college! now i got two aco/elec! and a regular acoustic! but that one needs a new first string. whoa, i'm gunna stop there before i start talking about my dads cornet and my other sister's clarinets. wow, i have a very musicly talented family. seriously, all my aunts and uncles play at least one instrument. weird.

sorry for those of you that do have school though.

well since i posted so late, i might not get alot of comments, but who gives a shit! i'll just go check ya'lls sites now. l8rz.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

feelin a little mad right now
yesterday was not so good for me. some ppl tried getin into my things at school, and i had alot of problems with my trumpet. it needs major repairs, but i can't aford them right now. i'm gunna get an estimate on the damage and save up some money. i might have to get a new one, yea, like me or my parents can afford another.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   HEH HEH HEH!!!!
I'm feeling much better now! today was pretty good! had pictures today. actually yesterday was picture day, but i got a retake. i might have blinked on the first one, possibly the second one too. either way i don't care, not like anyone seesthem any way. Crap! these were the year book photos!! NOOOOOOOO!

after school we had another practice. but i was playing too long and loud and i got lightheaded. i wouldn't need o be as loud if everyone would play. but nooooooooooooo! its always "my lips hurt", "i'm tired", "its hot".

but the pep rally was pretty cool. i got to yell at ThisGuy for being out of his line. lol!
not that i'm mean, but it was either yell at albert, or get yelled at by the Drum Major. apparently i was responsible for keeping everyone who was in my line in there spot. YAAAAAY! the down side is i was infront so most of the ppl could see me. WAAAAA!

well i'm gunna go check sites and eat. l8rs

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   Somethings geting me down, and i don't know what it is
its more or less 10:55pm when i'm starting this, and i havn't eaten dinner. i'm hungry, but for some reason i can't eat. i said i was tired earlier, but i didn't manage to get any rest. normaly i play my guitar for like two hours, but today, not even five minutes. i didn't bother to do my homework, my bag is still sitting in the living room. the only thing i've done today after i got home was get on the computer. whats weird is i was fine after school. me and javi were talking and laughing when he gave me a ride home, i got home, i got some water and started watching tv, then all of a sudden i felt like crap.
now i know what it is, its the god damn news. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Iraq, Afganistan, all this bad crap thats happening in the world. its all depressing. i can't focus on anything but the stuff thats wrong with this world now. damn it!

i hope i'm not bringing any of you down with this, if i am then i sincerley apologize. hopefully this will all be gone by the time i wake up, if i can sleep.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I don't know why, but i'm tired now, so i'm gunna get this done quick. i'll try to get to all of ya'lls sites.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Change in plans!
Time: 8:36pm
Mood: pissed off
Song: Rammstein - Du Hast

Ok, now i'm not spending the night at my cousins. i'm just getting a ride with Javi to school. NOOOOO! now i have to find another way to get my stuff back!

any way, not much happend today. except our failure rate in band went up. 79 out of a little less than 200 ppl are failing at least one class. if they don't pass by this friday, then this week is their last game, and they miss out on the rest of the season. i'm proud to say that i'm not one of those 79, but i'm ashamed to be in this organization with so many ppl that just don't give a shit. damn it! i'm pissed off at this! i guess i'll get some Rammstein to calm me down while i check ya'lls sites.

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Song time, post again later i think.
Time: 11:01pm
Mood: idk
Song: Seether featuring Amy Lee - Broken

ok, i might not be on tonight (tuesday) or tomorrow night (wednesday) becasue i gotta spend the night at my cuz's house. me parents wil be outa town. but its not all bad, now i got some one to beat up! >:D
Not only that, but they once again took some of my gaming equipment. they have my memory card! i can't play anything with out it! to make matters worse, i still got to beat KH before KH2 comes out! Crap! if forgot! the Game Stop here in town gets Advent Children in January! i need to beat FF7! damn it! i got some serious gaming to take care of! well i'll just leave ya'll with three songs. Broken, and Wake me up when september ends.

actually i don't have the time to put the lyrics up. hell, "September" would take up half my page. we'll just consider them the "Song of the Day" for tuesday and wednesday (sorry ThisGuy, not my fault u stoped doing it) but its not like u guys couldn't look up the lyrics on some site.

See ya'll Thursday!

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