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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I don't know what this is. . Nor do i care, Bye...
~The pain of my life~

why did it happen
why couldn't i have stayed away
I loved you so much but i didn't mean a thing
I had seen it was over befor it had even started
But i had got to far in i could not pull myself out
I was in to deep that i didn't want to live without you
I had give up something i could never have again
I only wish i could get it back to have that one thing again
But there is not and i can not take it anymore
Now it is over the time has come to stop it all now
There is a pain in my heart that will not go away
The feelings i had were only for one and one alone
I could never feel that way again
I am alone and will stay that way
The pain that i feel will soon take me away

The End in more way then one...

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