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Saturday, June 25, 2005

This was something i had made up in my head some little story..
My name is Keal i am called Dark Kael as for the vengeful deeds i have done to those of evil..

My hole life i have had hard time's i have seem many friends die as i could do nothing to stop it, I have come from an unknown land were i try to stop the evil that has taken over, When i was a little boy i had my family kill by the Dark Warriors, now at the moment in time i hunt the monster that are here now and try to save as many as i can, In this dark land there are many who fall to the evil but i'm not alone there is one man i meet time and time again he calls himself Dark Soul i don't not know much of him but i seen him many time and he has saved me from death he seems very dark as if he has seen many evil things his eyes are cold he holds a sword in his hand he has the look of a man who does not fear anything , I do not know what his Goals are i only hope they are not evil, I would like to think of him as a friend but in this time it's good not to make friends as evil will use them to hurt you, I use to hunt the evil with my love her name was Raven she is very beautiful she has very lovely blue eyes and dark brown hair she give me hope and joy in my time of need but she had to leave she had to go away she did not tell me where or when she would be back i worry for her day and night waiting for that day she will come back to me, now i seem to be alone i had not seen any one in days i fear evil has been geting more powerful as i see there is not time to stop i need to go on and see what has happened as i walk i see a girl see has a look to her as there could be no evil with in her as i look her over i see a book in her hand i could only come to think of one thing she had to be a priestess, as i start to walk up to her she starts to run i did not know why but i had to speak with her as soon as possible if there was evil here i had to know where it was, befor i could even start to say for her to stop i am hit with an arrow in the arm i did not know where it came from but it was too deep in for me to take out myself i had to get help but i was to weak to go on i slowly closed my eyes thinking this was the end my energy had been all use up from the long days of walking i now fear that i would soon pass away if i fall asleep...

There was alot more to this story but i forgot what i was writting i had it all in my head at the time but i was feeling sleepy so went to bed befor i could get done and no longer remeber what it was as soon as i think of it again i will update this...

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