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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

har... :B
Hi again! Doesn't seem like that many people come on anymore. D: Me included.

Whoever is reading this, how are you? I've been alright myself... fricking boy troubles, just when things are just about perfect. Always happens doesn't it? :|

Boot camp is in a month and 4 days. ;_; I'm so nervous. I'm going to miss Ben so much... he's gonna be gone for like a year. Guess I'll just have to adjust.

:] That's my update for this week... day... month.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

yeah uh...

What is the trophy case for? I have one trophy but I have no idea what it's for. D:

Anyway, how is everyone? :DD I miss theO. I'm really gonna try to be around more often.

Some updates on my life:

Joined the Army on October 24, 2008. In the reserves.

Have been with my boyfriend (almost unbelievably happily) for a year and a month. We had some problems last month but things are good again.

Had to remove my lip and upper ear rings. That makes me so sad.

I got a tattoo for my 18th birthday. :D

I won the Golden Gloves...

Got new sexy glasses.

And that's about it. ^_^

Right now I'm very much in love with Loveless, FMA, Fruits Basket (hasn't changed... at ALL), and Naruto.

I still love yaoi. Sigh... fangirl forever. D:

But yeah. ^^ I'll be on more often and try to post my new and improved art. Actually, scratch that. Here's my deviantart:




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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so uh... is there still worlds or whatever? Or is back to everyone using MyO? I'm confused. :[[[

Anyway, I guess I'm back. I miss blogging, and there's no where else like theO! :D

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Heeyyy... just... checking it out. Wondering what's up and such.

Lots has happened since I kinda left. I got a job at McDonald's (lol) and I went to my first MCR concert on April 22nd. I got close enough to the drummer that I could touch him but all I could do was smile. XD Those are the only real highlights.

So yeah.. how's whoever is actually reading this doing?

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