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Yo. I be called danni, Iím a 17 year old gel from the top of the world! aka. Fairbanks Alaska, NOT living in an igloo, so donít ask.

Die scum!

Good things:
anime (duh)
--Cowboy Bebop
--Dragonlance esp. by Weis, Hickman, Knaak, Pierson & Parkinson
--Robert Jordan
--David B. Coe
--Philip Pullman
--Frank Herbert
--Orson Scott Card
music of all kinds (note that bagpipes, country and pop do not qualify as music)
--suggestions again?
friends-Miek, Emly, Louisa, Frank
the night! (I'm a vampire)
Samurai Jack (jack, jack jack)
LotR Movies (books were boring)
Matrix Trilogy
video games
--zelda I
--zelda II
--OoT (yeah, baby!)
--havent played the oracles yet.
--what will be next? *cackle*

AND the very best thing if even possible, toleration, world peace and harmony! *angst!

And now I'm going to be cool and put a weatherpixie here!;)
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

  Sorry all yous who I used to visit all the time, i decided with my schedule, I could cut our most of my internet time. It'll be like this until Summer, plus my computer at home is stupid adn breaks down every time it goes on otaku now. So like right now I'm on my dad's computer which has a stupid password to the internet. Anyways, it'll be a long time in between posts, probably mostly for diary purposes. I guess I'll give one entry here while I'm at it. Too bad, I would have liked to chat with a couple of yous sometime.

Had demonstrations with our Aikido group, and we got 3 new people to come to practice with us!!This army guy from Texas or sommat, this tall russian dude, and another teen gel like me!! This is great, caz there's only been 4 regular members including me, the others just come and go...

The gel and the army dude are definately staying, I don't know about the other guy, tho.

Working insanely on my 10 page paper due tomorrw, tho not at this second, of course, meh. I'm thinking of quitting my job now that softball's started, or else 5 hours out of EACH DAY would not be doign any work at all. Which would be perfectly fine for me, if grades didn't matter for college or to stay in softball. IF ONLY. But like homework load is ever going to go down.

I went to another high school to do some auditions for a state competition for clarinette, adn I think our quartet is going to state! We were doing this fun jazzy tune adn the judges loved it! I went to another group's jazzy tune, and they had this ausome drum solo, I loved it! Drooled over the guitar guy, man he's hot.

Anyways, fond dreaming over, realisticly, I'm thinking of asking Frak if he;s going to the prom with anyone. I picked out the dress that I want, teh shoes, teh hair, now all I need is a date (Frak) Wish me luck!

Wednesday I'll be heading out to Seattle for 5 days, it;ll be ausome! I get to go with Frak too! It's going to be so fun! We;re going with the Key Club to the Convention there. Know anyone whos' going there too?

Ok, journal session over, Looking foward to Wednesday!!

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

hey, where has the comments box for today gone? is anyone else noticing this?
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No motivation for duty in my life, yo, been partying/hangen out/watching movies all week with friends, and it rocks! I wish I can just do that! Sigh, only this year and next year left of mooching off my dad so I can do that kind of stuff.

I did kind of want to catch up in all my homework, meh, I might do some of it tonight. moving on, mother nature once again has teased us with warm and melty weather before getting cold and snowy again. I really should have gone snowboarding with a friend who ivited me, today is the only day I haven't done sommat with friends. At least I slept. AAH, I should take a really long bath in our whurlpool tub! *melt*

This morning read a little more Vonnegut, it's funny shit:
A nothinghead was a person who refused to take his ethical birth-control pills three times a day. The penalty for that was $10,000 and ten years in jail.
This was at a time when the population of Earth was 17 billion human beings. That was far too many mammals that buf for a planet that small. The people were virtually packed together like druplets.
Druplets are the pulmy little knobs that compose the outside of a raspberry.
So the World Government was making a two-pronged attack on overpopulation. One pronging was the encouragement of ethical suicide, which consisted of going to teh nearest Suicide Parlor and asking a Hostess to kill you painlessly while you lay on a Barcalounger. The other pronging was teh compulsory ethical birth control.
"I don't need to reming you girls," the sheriff went on, "that a nothinghead is bery sensitive from teh waist down. If Billy the Poet somehow slps in here and starts making trouble, one good kick in the right place will do wonders."
he was referring to the fact that ethical birth-control pills, the only legal form of birth control, made people numb from the waist down.
Most men said their bottom halves felt like cold iron or balsa-wood. Most women said their bottom galves felt like wet cotton or stale ginger ale. The pills were so effective that you cold blindfold a man who had taken one, tell him to recite the Gettysburg Address, kick him in the balls while he was doing it, and he wouldn't miss a syllable.
The pills were eithical becase thy didn't interfere with a person's ability to reproduce, which would have been immoral. All the pills did was take every bit of pleasure out of sex.
Thus did science and morals go hand in hand.

Soory for all yous who hate to read long things, and good job for those who made it! party now, whoo hoo. and I successfully make a fool of meself!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

   I'm feeling very springish

What season are you?(cool amy brown pics)
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You are a moon shadow. With the moon as your source
you are a being of great mystery. Constantly
drifting, you descend into darkness to conceal
your brokenness. You have come to believe that
you are the only one you can rely upon for
constancy and safety that you need. But those
who know how to see you find enchanting beauty
in your wistfulness and fragility. It is to
them that you should flee, for their arms are
an open haven where your true light can finally
thrive..(please rate my quiz cuz it took me for
freaking ever to create)

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Yo! i haven't really been on in awhile, but i'm here now!

Friday and Saturday I went to both sold out hockey games (a few thousand people) And played in the pep band there. twas quite fun, hangen out with friends there. Friday a puck hit 2 seats behind me, the next night teh seat righ tnext to me! both times it was before everyone got there, so no one got hurt.

Sunday went to the last winter practice fro softball, then to aikido. Louise showed up there and we went to my house and 10-12 people showed up for me party!

only one accident, luckily. I was expecting more with the roads the way they are. Just a minor roll into the ditch. i did the same thing driving to my sensei's house for a movie night one time!

hey, went to his house last night. He had invited me to do some roleplaying! pciked me up at work, i helped him shop, then to his house. The game is fun, quaintly. we were playing version 3 of d&d.

reading kurt vonnegut for english paper. It's so damn funny tho! the one i remember is when he talks about his daughter being a "bitchy flibbertigibbet" Cracked me up so much!!

I hope I'm not a flibbertigibbet, all the other little boys and girls would make fun of me! ;)

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Friday, March 12, 2004

so many, so many deadlines tomorrow. must...get some work that I've shirked....Last couple weeks have been intense tho. Soory folks who I usually go to, I'll be back in a day! SPRING BREAK!!

Where has my carefree days of childhood gone? But then you don't have as much real fun...

Hmm interesting notion. Would you be happier as "ignorance is bliss" child, or know-all, have-it-all life?

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Friday, March 5, 2004

Oh Dear..feeling confuzed again
Tis 2:30 am, just got done with 4 hours of catch-up math (4 easy assignments of just 60 minutes of my valuble time!) 2 hours of Apush, main in part of behalf of me fellow GROUP members, who dumped it all on me...other wise I wouldn't have done shit ;)

Took the city bus for the first time in teh month or so since I decided not to. Violently revived teh reason why I did just so. I hate it! I hate teh claustrophobia, teh smelly people hanging close over you...*shudder* Then the weirdos.

I was lucky to get a ride at the last possible second by chance from someone in my school band. He's pretty fun.

Gots a nother *fun* week aheads of me. LAST week before spring break, THANK God. Still, I'll be working and doing homework for English, but there'll be no new work!

Time for fun, did someone say? Party! Can't wait. I know I've already voiced my anticipation, but you know...

I actually had some sleep this week, maybe averaging a record high of 7 hours! But this one night, I dreamed my brother woke me up....and I actually did! Strangly, he's in another city. THen went back to bed in 2 hours and had a nightmare.

Big ugly man chasing me through a hotel and the elevator wouldn't go down when I pushed on the button to get away. He almost got there when it closed on his arm, and the elvator started going down....uck.

;) At least I'm having dreams now, seems synonomous with sleep, it seems. I should be quoted in all teh textbooks now for my keen observations!

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