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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Homework over the Summer!!!
I have homework over the summer!!!!!! Tons of it! how gay is that? Really gay! First i have to read Great Expectations which, by the way is supper boring and 446 pages long!!!! Then i have to answer 7 questions like "Tell how you would react if you were one of the characters in the story"...if i were one of the characters in the story i would probably react by saying "get me out of this gay story, why couldnt i have been in harry potter?", or "Copy a quote from a character and expain why you think it is meaningful."...I liked when camilla said "it", it was meaningful to me because it really showed me who camilla really was deep down. plus all the answers have to be at least a paragraph!!!!!!!! then we have to find ten "interesting" words. include the sentance with the word and the page its on, then write a deffinition for each word. my words will be: a, i, it, my, me, is, that, who, what, and so. those are interesting enough! and all of this is due the first day of school. 100 pts each assignment, no late word accepted!! What the heck is their problem!!!!!!!!! Summer vacation is supposed to be an escape from school! I never thought that i would a teacher before my first class with them, but Mrs. Houston(i think thats her name), you earned it!!!!
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