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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Title: The Beyond Theme (Daff-Power was here edit)
Artist: Fabio Frizzi
Genre: OST,/Classical
Movie: The Beyond. (Zombie movie)
Length: 4:28 (it says 5:05.. unfortunately I forgot to cut off 37 seconds.. so in the end it's total silence.)

Well, I'm back.
Even stronger, faster and more powerful than you could ever imagine. ^^ *Gets kicked through window* Ouw... what was that?
::Vegeta:: Ahahaha! You haven't changed a bit! You're still as weak as usual!
::Daff:: Mm.. aw.. well.. yea. but I wasn't really referring to myself..
::Vegeta:: Hm? Is that so? Then what else did you refer to? Me huh, punk?
::Daff:: Well. my computer actually... *shrugs lightly*
::Vegeta:: *anime drop*
::Daff:: heheh.. hmm. well. My comp is clean, 11 years old, and runs Xp Professional perfectly.. What went wrong here? lol. okay.. Need to mention that I had a double up on SD ram. from 128 MB till 256 MB. (Yaaay ^^;;;;) A new soundcard, and a graphiccard on 32 mb.. Geforce 2. lool. I know.. it's nothing compared to the newer computers. hehe. But it seemed to help on it all. and it was what my friend would give me. almost for free.

Anyway. This song might hang around for a while. I'm really into it. try and close your eyes while listening.. and tell what's the first that comes to your mind. ^^

Off and Away! Take care

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Title: Sunstorm
Artist: Can't remember.
Length: 3.51
Genre: Trance
Own Comment: Old piece of music I've had for years just suddenly showed to be rather interesting. hehe.

Well hello there! ^^

Just dropped by to say hello. I'll try to come around today. before or after I have formatted entire computer. I've borrowed an external harrdrive from my gf, and I'd like to thank her if she comes around here. ^^ lol. anyway, Take care minna.

P.S. Sorry but I lost the other track, so I put up this one instead. lol.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

   Super Massive Black Hoole!

Yooo Minna-san! ^^

*starts headbanging* Ahhh!! "Glaciers melting in the dead of night.. and the Superstars sucked into the supermassive" Ahh YeasH! Some of you might hate the song... and some might love it as much as I do hehe. I'm waay addicted to it. Anyway. I'm around once more. And I guess I'll even have some time to visit some sites today.

Short News from the doomed site of earth is as follows: Finaly got an Mp4! ^^
It's raining like hell here.. so I've caught a virus that makes me cough like I've smoked 20 cigs a day for a yea.. not cool. nope.. But no sign of blood so far so I'm not about to die. lol.

I have dyed my hair... Red. o_O; ^__^ Muahahaha. Always wanted to do that. So yea.. It looks awesome.. the hair does.. not me though. lol.

Artist: Muse
Title: Supermassive black hole
Length: 3:39
Genre: Rock
Own Comment: *dances on tables*

Next song will be "Airbase - Oceam Realm"

L8r minna

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

   Go Go Pics!! and Manowar! ^^ hehehe

Well. Hello again. And thanks 4 ya comments. I loved every single comment. ^^
For those of you who wanted to know. Jaxx / Daniel, my best friend (and my soul brother) ain't dead. ^^ not at all. He's alive and perfectly fine. I even have a few pics of him which isn't too old.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
mhm, yeah.. heh. mhm mhm. It is him. In his favorite pose. To those who can't see who's also doing that pose I can tell that Frieza from DBZ does it after transforming into his final stage.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
HEhehe. Simply love that look in his eyes. So full of insanity and yet kinda innocent. LMFAO.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ok. This is my beloved new dog. Coco. All she wanna do is play. and she is 3 years old. and The most cute dog I've ever known.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

uh.. yea.. okay.. just a last pic. If ya forgot how crazy I looked. lol. My gf put up the hair with 9 tons of hair gel. lol. But I like the result. ^__^ Always wanted spiky hair. ^^ hehe.

ok. End of pics. I'll probably change music some other time. But I'm so addicted to it that I'll even enter the site.. just to listen to it. Far out, eh?

Well. Take care minna ^^

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

   Go Go Manowar!!!! ^^

Heeeey ppl. ^^

okay.. been a while, ne?

Just a quick post for now. don't have much time.

I'm good, so is my dog, my gf, my car.. or wait.. my car is broken so I'll have to get rid of it today. sadly.

But other than that, I'm obsessed with the metal band "Manowar"'s newest album. You might hear the song by now..

Title: Gods of War
Artist: Manowar
Length: 6:52
Genre: Metal
Release: 2006
Album: Sons of Odin!
Comment: This album... is clearly the best since Warriors of the world. Especially this song!!!!

Pic: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well. gotta run. Take care and enjoy


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

   Merry Christmas! ^^

Konnichi wa everybody ^^

Just wanted to wish all of you a merry christmas! ^_^

Soo... what's up for all of ya?

For my part.. short version here. My car is out of business, done for.. in other words.. dead.. but heck. It did its job well so no complaints from me. and I'm buying a never car anyway. ^^
For my music production.. well.. getting slow.. don't have the time since Teffy wants me around 90% of my free time.. good or bad? Let's save that for later. Oh yes.. From January 2007 I will start practicing more Martial Arts. This year have been a slacking off one without tough practice..

Lastly.. I'll return with a few songs later.. but not now.. Eurobeat, Trance, Metal, and more. ^^ but for now, let's enjoy this happy christmas song from our beloved "Wierd Al Yankowich - Chistmas at gound zero" A true classic ^^

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   Whoa... ?

Well well well.. seems like I've been slacking off recently.. I'm sorry for that..
but I've been quite busy and now that I've gotten myself a real job I'm gonna make heaps of money..

I'm still making music though. but that's on another page of mine..

Anyway.. how are ya all? now a few months has passed.. but I hadn't forgotten you, the ppl who have helped out whenever I needed it. ^^ Thanks a bunch to all of you.

So.. what has happened here? well, I have gotten a job as I mentioned earlier in this post.. aquired a Nintendo DS system. So now I'll finally be able to play, when I want and where I want to.. or.. okay.. not where.. I'm living with my gf for a month... it's hard to get some time to play when she wants to have time with me over and over again... but heck.. I can play when I'm in the city or at work.. Myeeesss.. I do love my DS!! ^^ lol.

Well.. gotta run.. I'll be off to visit my best friend. Take cares!! ^__^

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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Hellooooo from Spain ^^

Hola there minna-san. hehe.

Yup, it is me, Johnny who`s back after a long time being abscent. Been pretty busy most of the time, until the 1st of July where I went to Spain with my wonderful gf and her dad. ^^ I tell you, this is great!!! hehe ^__^ lots of sun and everything is rather cheap so you buy more than in DK. lol.

And today is a very special day for her and me. it`s our 6th month anniversay, so I invited her out and now we`re just quickly on a netcafe to check mails before heading home. Doesn`t it just sound romantic? lol. :p well lots have happened but Ill explain once I get home. Btw, Teffy said hi. ^^

Take care minna, I`ll try and visit some time but I might not be able to do so until at least 3rd of August. Just so you won`t kill me for not stopping by. Will try but can`t promise anything.


Love you Heaps Teffy!! <3<3<3<3<3 (she can see it, cuz she`s right next to me. but hey! It`s always nice to say such things) ^-^


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   Hold it down!

Eya Minna-san

Chikushou! okay.. there's a waar going on here in DK. Not litterally but.. errr.. at the socalled "School" I'm on. Because I overslept.. and my gf was there but she was fast asleep too. Then out of nothing the door is almost smashed down from my dad who asks if I shouldn't be at "Work".. *sigh* That's one thing of it.. then my mum calls (on the cellphone. She's on holidays, making it sound like every single time my gf and I have been sleeping at each others place during schooldays.. none of us has went to school... just because of this single friggin time that we didn't get up at the right time.. *sighs again* I'd prefer to call it overreacting in a pathetic non-realistic way. So today I'll be telling them the "truth behind the truth". yea yea.. watched too much FMA.. ^^;;; love that show come to think of it. lol.

Anyway. This song is without vocals....:

Title: Hold that sucker down (Radio version)
Artist: Caater
Length: 3:55
Genre: Trance
Own Comment: Dance.. ! Daaaance!! Muahahah! ^^ great piece of audio.

Take care minna ^^
*hugs for all*
Love you waaaaay too much Teffy *hugs and kisses*

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Eya minna

So what's this you might ask? hehe.. well.. I dunno. m.. except for the music that is.. lol.

Title: Defcon (Daff-Power edit)
Artist: ParagonX9
Length: 4:28
Genre: Techno
Sub Genre: Video Games
Own Comment: Who said 16-bit music was crap? eh?? lol. This one friggin rules.. and of course I had to edit it. ^^;;;; lol.


So what's up?
hehe.. Lots of stuff. Been trying to sell my stuff in my room to get enough money to get on holidays to Spain along with my gf. And that'll be in 3 days.. or 4.. depending on the way you calculate.. Friday.. Anyway. Sorry for long absence. Been really friggin' buzy.. and my car has to be fixed so I have had to use my inliners whereever I got to.. from my place to my gf's there is around 25 km and I even had to get home from a village which was 5 km from my house. so.. 30 km in one go.. lol. I tell you.. lol. Ain't as easy as it sounds. hehe. and one day I traveled 44 km within 3 hours. Wuuuush. I slept really good that night. and I got a haircut.. Teffy took a pic of me which I probably will put up before I take my leave for the next month.
Well gotta go.
Take Care minna *lots of hugs*
Love you from the tom of my heart and soul Teffy *hugs and kisses*z

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