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Thursday, February 7, 2008

hello yall!me havent posted for a long time sorry...tommrow ill be in san diego doing college tours!yay!the due date for the science fair is comming up once again..damn.for some strange reason i dont feel like winning again(yes, for those who dont know i won 2nd place for 7th grade last year.....i miss beamon!!!T.T)hahaha!if some of you have noticed i changed the bg of my site but you cant see all of it.if you want to see it its on my photobucket: kilala4meu.me going to spend valentines day all alone(well ill be with my friends but not with a guy...)me get bored alot now a days for some strange reason.me like playing on gaia now!its fun but i only have 1000 gold...oh well!my friends are bugging me to buy the second book of boys that bite(which is a lmao version of twilight^^)which is stake that!i hope we can go to borders while were in san diego...

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