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Friday, January 27, 2006

I need to vent...

o_O Grrrr.....

So yeah, work stinks!! The mall is so dead!! Its so dead that after many long games of Pokemon pinball I was able to get a 6mil plus score and I captured two of the legendary pokemons. -__-" Which was a pain in the but-but cause you have to defeat them twice in order to capture them. If any thing I know have the best scores on both the sapphire and ruby version of the game. *^o^*

So back to the whole house thing.

Grrr... I never knew it would be such a pain in the but-but to finding one and trying to buy it. >_<" People need to get some common sense. We are not about to pay 130 thousand dollars for a house that has bedroom so small that you can't even fit a queen size bed in them. Or 78 thousand for a house that needs like 20 thousand dollars just to make it livable. Even if its in a really good location. :( Sadness and frustration are plentiful in our apt.

So yeah its been kind of icky lately. Both me and my husband are about to reach our limit when it comes to talking to the agents. They are the worst part of looking for a house. Most of the realtors that we have spoken to just kind of brush us off as soon as they see that we are a young couple. o__O Just because we are young does not mean that we don't have money. Talking to the agents and having to take their attitude is the worst part of this whole process. Its beginning to get really annoying. -___-

Well I guess that is it for now. Hopefully tomorrow wont be a pain. I go in to work at 9:30am and get out at 8pm. O__O

I need a vacation.or really good foot massage.

Love Love and Hugs Hugs to all!!

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