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Hey everyone! I'm using this as a place where I can put my ideas out there. That may include anything from stories to gossip. Feel free to message me with constuctive criticism, compliments, or even complaints, but please, NO HATE MAIL!!! You will find that I don't react kindly to that.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

The other day my brother came up to me and asked me to write him a poem he can read for his DI (Destination Imagination) meeting, but I need inspiration. If you have any good topic ideas that are appropriate for a nine year old, let me know! Other than that, not much is going on. I made CATS last may at our high school, but now the schedule is starting to interfere with everything else I want to do. It sucks! OMG, I can't wait for my b-day in November, my best friend is getting the YYH movie for it (we have the same b-day) and I've been dying to see it! They don't have it at our local hastings, so I have to wait awhile though.
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