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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Been awhile, I hope everyone's doing well ^^

I'm doing good, still together with my bf and I adopted a 2nd dog. A rescue dachshund whom I named Zooey (after Zooey Deschanel, the actress -she's in New Girl if you watch that show) I fought with the vet a few times that it's still pronounced Zoey even with the second "o". I look at it as a long dog deserves a long name, lol. Things worked out great. She and Indy play all day long and tire each other out.

Last night I encountered a bizarre creature. I was walking home late last night when a little white cat ran up after me. When I bent down it had me pet pet pet it. An unusual experience, usually whenever a cat plays nice and I go to pet it I get bit like Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh. I was so happy to find one that was nice! Unfortunately this thing obviously had an owner with a collar, but the bizarre thing was this was a shaved Persian cat. I've never seen a shaved persian cat before. Head and legs were left puffy, the tail was completely shaved except for a ball of puff at the very end and the rest of the body was a medium shave. Cute and weird like a cartoon character, especially when it bounced off.

Again, I hope everyone's well and starting to experience nice weather outside.


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Skiing went well. Taking lessons really liven up the day. Although trying to do the technique the instructor was trying to get me to do caused me to repeatedly fall over.

2nd Adoption fair today, the dog we were looking for wasn't there, and we saw a second dog that looked promising. But when my guy put his nose in her face she nearly bit his head off. So I find bringing Indy along is a good tester for a second dog because these dogs are great around people, iffy around dogs, good to know.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I must be an insecure person because my dog doesn't really like to cuddle with me in the evenings and this is bothering me. I feel between being away at work, and not letting him sleep in the bed at night I've inadvertantly conditioned him out of cuddling :/ and in my guilt over him being lonely during the day I'm thinking about a second dog to keep him company. Issue: my bf wants a dachshund, I want a french bulldog. Although I did some internet scouring tonight, looks like for a french bulldog I'd have to special order it and I really want my current dog to meet any future dog before I get him. There's a lot more dachshunds available for rescue, but I'm nervous about the barking and anti-social tendencies towards people and dogs.

tomorrow I'm skiing! My knee's been acting up really bad this past week, and even though I should probably opt out... I'm going to go for it, hopefully my knee won't give out while I'm careening down a slope. I want to try a blue tomorrow, last time I got off the bunny hill onto a green. I'm nervous. I've been to other ski resorts, but this particular one, the slopes are scary (to me anyway)

our Barnes and Noble is going out of business. I'm hoping to find a good book on tape to listen to while I'm at work. (any suggestions???)

Thank you for reading as always :) I hope this year's been treating you well!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is proving to be an exciting year so far, Indy split his nail yesterday so I spent the evening with him at the doggy ER. He split it so far up, they had to cut it off and cauterize it. Even though they sedated him, I could hear his screams through the entire procedure while we were in the waiting room. I'm so thankful this is a simple procedure he'll make a full recovery from, but for now I'm feeling so bad at the amount of pain he's in. I can't get him to take his pain meds, weird dog, I've been crushing them into a powder and mixing them with food, so far he's passed up cheese, hot dogs, and pizza!

Anycase, hope everyone's doing well ^^

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The last Twilight movie was a lot better than I expected, I really enjoyed it, a couple scenes had me laughing. When we first got into the theatre, I heard the woman next to me bend over and whisper to her husband, "thank you for coming to see this movie with me" and I couldn't help myself. I leaned over and added, "I couldn't get my boyfriend to come" lol
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy first day of Autumn ^^ I'm looking forward to the cool weather where I can wear long sleeves knowing that I won't sweat through every crevice within the first five minutes of being outside. I can wear my pretty things again ^^

I've become sucked into facebook... I'm posting every day it's quite pathetic really.

My dog's barking/growling at everyone he meets and I don't know how to stop him! He's stopped listening to my sharp "NO's" and "nuh-uh's!" snaps and clicks. The only thing I have left are light tappings on his rump to break his attention and I get horrified looks from people. Also, when he plays, he likes to charge me and bite my ankle/shoes/pants as he passes, and it's so quick he doesn't give me time to react and scold him. Those dog training shows on tv suggest treats when walking, but I feel like that just encourages the behavior because the dog barks and growls, you give him a treat to "distract" but essentially it's just rewarding.

My mom's cleaning out her basement. Not a fun task cuz everything has to be reviewing around 3 times. I decide it's trash, my mother either confirms or negates that it's trash, and then later it has to be sorted into donation or yard sale. When I was younger it was tough getting rid of stuff because she would go through and say, "you can't get rid of this your aunt gave it to you!" or "well I'm going to use this for something else" and in the end I wouldn't really get rid of anything -.- thankfully though today was fairly productive. I didn't finish though because I hit some old college boxes full of memories and letters from exes I had to read their sweet words, feel horrible all over again about breaking their heart, and take a deep breath and throw it away so I won't ever look at it again. I stopped when I hit my old architectural models and even though I know I'll throw them out one day, I wasn't ready to today.

Job's going well. Getting increasingly more complicated. I'm proud that I'm keeping up with all the learning quickly. I find myself actually typing up my notes into individual instruction manuals that probably only I can understand, lol. These word documents are such a scattering of words arrows and directions it's kind of amusing.

And that's all! I'm tired, but everything's good. Still wondering if I should be worried that Joe doesn't talk about the future. Oct 1 marks our 2yr anniversary. Normally it would worry me, but since everything's great now, I'm perfectly happy with keeping things the same.

I hope everyone's doing well and the fall weather where ever you are is likewise treating you well ^^

Thank you for reading! -Lute

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

while digging through the pile of crap I've mounted in the backroom I've come across the two chobits volumes I bought last summer, started re-reading them, I can't get over how cute Chi is, and I'm in the mood to dress like her for halloween, lol. Biggest thing to do really is making those ears. or if anyone knows of a place online I could look for a pair? I'm gonna go over to michaels, get a headband and some fabric strips and see if I can cut and glue them. I really like the series because it brings up some interesting issues like relationships with machines as opposed to people, how guys view/treat women like the whole objects thing, and the female's role when it comes to the relationship. Although, Chi is a perfect example of a girlfriend's "to-do" to make sure any relationship lasts, lol. Maybe she reminds me of myself in that respect.

my back is in serious pain this morning, it hurts just to bend slightly to the side. I've never had back pain like this before so I don't know what to do with it. I'm sitting against a heat pad and gonna take some advil soon

and I was online checking out what kind of an online presence my company has, and they have an open to the public caption contest, so I thought of something funny, entered the contest, then thought, "maybe I can't cuz I'm an employee..." checked the rules, and yup, wasn't supposed to enter. SOooo we'll see what happens with that.

my mother's had it with my grandmother (they're living together) she got so stressed she had to make an emergency appointment with her therapist. my grandmother's on a waiting list for a home, so my mother's just waiting for that to happen. It made me think though, to what extent are we responsible for taking care of family members? Parents can change the locks and kick their teens out at 18. But you can't just kick an old lady out of the house at 90, or legally, could someone actually do that? I want to look up the legal responsibilities people have for family members. Because dropping an old woman off at the train station and saying "good luck" and she dies, it's kinda your fault even though she's technically an adult. hmm...

thank you for reading everyone and have a great weekend!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

*giggles* thank you all so much about your turkey sandwich insistings. I think your wishes for me to have a turkey sandwich accumulated in the cosmos and is the reason why I have had 5 homemade turkey sandwiches and 2 sandwich shop turkey sandwiches in the past 2 weeks lol. I told Joe of my craving, and he went out, bought all the ingredients and made the best mouth watering homemade turkey sandwich complete with a garden tomato and bacon! :P *mouth watering* lol :D I know he loves me because he goes that extra mile when cooking for me, lol

Good luck to everyone headed back to school! You know, I'm finding it kind of funny. It's always been looking to the next step, completing one thing to get to another, but I'm actually in a point of my life where I am perfectly happy and wanting things to go just as they are. I love my job, I love my guy, I love my dog, there's nothing more to work towards in my life, there's nothing else I want in the grand scheme of life. I love my routine and am perfectly happy to let it keep rollin' ---is that wrong? It seems like we're brought up to constantly be reaching for that next brass ring.

anycase thank you all for reading I hope you've been well! ^^

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

my brother had the most perfect wedding anyone could ever ask for. I think I was a decent-looking bridesmaid, now I'm anxiously waiting for the pictures to come out, and hopefully I wasn't doing a dorky grin or something. Considering the anxiety I usually experience with anything family/crowd related, I think I did well. Called it quits and went home at 10:30pm. They all went to an after party but I decided not to go. I had done so well of not embarrassing myself or my brother I decided it best to end on a high note. I'm hoping no one's offended that I chose not to go to the after party. This morning I was passed out. They had a morning brunch arranged today but I was too tired to drive the hour to get there, that plus it's more for people who were coming in from out of town.

I'm hungry, been craving a turkey sandwich for the past 3 days.

hope everyone's been well ^^

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

sorry I haven't been on much :( I've missed this place.

My brother's getting married in a week. I'm a bridesmaid and nervous. I hate any family function because they always look me over with scrutiny and make me feel bad about myself with how I look. So I know no matter how hard I try I'll never look good enough. Just yesterday I went over to pick up these shoes I ordered to go with my dress. Within 20 minutes my mother complained that I smelled of garlic (I have no idea why I haven't eaten any), my clothes were covered in pet hair (I was just sitting down on her couch she lets 2 dogs sleep on), why was I dressed all in black (work attire, black pants and a black collared button down shirt), I should be wearing nicer shoes, and the shoes I just bought for the wedding looked bad. So I've wasted so much money on 3 types of shoes, none of them good enough (they're actually quite nice, trust me on that). I want to look great, but my best efforts just somehow fall short :( then there's my hair, but that's another matter. Sigh. Often I wonder why we have these kinds of societal-constructed bonds of loyalty to family members when they cause us such distress. I believe in surrounding yourself with people who make you feel worthwhile.

It's funny, as I get older, all sense of family to me, I don't have any desire for it anymore. About a year ago I decided that I didn't want a wedding, and now I'm not sure that I even ever want to be married. I like the idea of being self-sufficient, self-dependent, and attaching yourself to another person makes you vulnerable and most likely to be taken advantage of. Fairy tales all end once the couple gets married. And nowadays I see more stories of eventual betrayal, divorce, and children not getting proper care because two people can't stay together.

When did I get so morose? We're supposed to have an optimistic outlook on our future and pair up happily. I've been desiring to be proposed to, but more as a result of my own insecurities that I'm not loved enough, and I've come to decide that maybe the only way I can have confidence in myself is not being dependent on another, but on myself, and in not marrying, I retain that sense of self-dependence and confidence.

Thanks for reading, please provide your thoughts, I'm not against marriage, I've longed for it for awhile, I'm actually surprising myself to find my personal preference for it however altering. The idea of worrying about, taking care of just myself and my new puppy - I like it.

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