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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Its me. Back better than ever.

So hello. Im back. Okay I have been gone because our PC froze up, I got sick and all this kinda shit so blaah.... Ahh well Im back now. Isnt that good? I missed you all.

Cute ^^


My friend were in Florida, and she was so nice that she bought me Yu-Gi-Oh stuff!!! ^.^ YAY they dont sell here anything that has something to do with Anime maybe some DBZ stuff but I couldnt care less.
Okay well. I aint coming to California then.... My mom refuses to gimme money.... Damn now when I had change to go with a friend. Besides I wont see her in the whole damn summer!!! WAAAAAH!!!

Ah well..... I gotta go. Im going to fight with mom so. See you later.

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