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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hot (Or hawt) pics ^_^
Okay, I decided to put few HOT, CUTE and NICE pics up... And pics that gave me good toughts... Here they are, peeps...

-_-;; I just cant get enought from Asuka.... More of Asuka...

*gasps* GoOoOoOoOoOoD Goku why do you have to be gay-people!? Couldnt you be even Bi!?


O__O;;; Damn you, Why thats not me...!?


Let... Me... Go... bath... with... them.... O_O BANZAI!! *Jumps on the pool as guys runs away* COME BACK!!! I wont bite... very hard!!

Grooowlll..... Lemme be Sakura and run with him and then... O__O *Laughs madly*

Look: perfect change! Shikamaru lies on the ground, then, girl with black-darkbrown hair appears, sets herself above him and then.... 'halfway to happyland' *grins madly*

Look! Look! Two cuties are waiting for me! xSakurax-chan!! You take Kakashi, I take Sasuke!

...Im in love with hes eyes...

Aww, poor girl. Did your guy leave you alone? Dont worrie *smirks* Im here. Yami! Yami, you wanna join me?

O___O Just.... cant stop staring at the - HER!!

....Im stuck in hes sad, cute eyes.... *sighs*

Oh, Kakashi-sensei-mister-hun, you look GOOD today *smirk*

^_^ I kinda, like, I like 'im... I wanna squeeze him... Awww, come here foxie! *Runs after him*

YUMMIE, Itachi... ^_^ WHAAAT!?

That girl doesent look so bad... Get off, old man, shes mine!


Just a litttttle lower....

Well Im not a kittie-fan, but THAT kittie I could take...

"'Ey Saturn, you look exctremely GOOD today..." *wink wink*

Kittie, Kittie, come to mee-ee...

Come to dance to me... My birthday just gone, You could make me VERY happy...

YEAH!! Kick their ass!! ^_^

O.o I likey her

I want them ^_^ Gimme a dress like that...

^_^ All the cuties together.

O_O Gimme gimme gimme!

I want to be Sakura!! I wanna be her!!!

O_O I could take Narutos place


Wanna be there wanna be there wanna be there!!

Yeah, stop it and rape her... XD No!!! ME! ME!!

GO, SENSEI!!! Kakashi comes and brakes, WOO HOO! *Cheerleadres sings 'go go, Kakashi, go go Kakashi..'*

Oh, thats so cute...

Ok, Chouji maybe is not a 'dream guy' but at least hes loving and caring and sensitive and nice and pure hearted and he dies for hes friend (WAHAAA!!! COME BACK!!!) Hes just everything I'm not.... -_-; I am mean.

Hot hawt CUTE! ^_^

*sigh* Oh, Neji, you are so sweet and handsome...

Just waite for me, Neji, I'll come to Rape.... SAVE you.

^_~ Aww thats so sweet. Play nicely, kids!

Thats all for now. Your sweet pervert goes - and finally...

For Chouji ^_~ I knew xSakurax would like to say 'for Chouji' in end of her post. So, for Chouji, remember him as a roun (NOT fat, dont be rude) Badass, pure hearted and lonely boy who died for hes friends. R.I.P, Rest In Peace, Chouji.

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