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Monday, January 3, 2005

All my faivorite Animes :)
I founded soooo cute pics I decided to put 'em here ^^ Heres first:
SAILOR MOON! The group - All in chibi!

AH! Naruto, My dear Naruto, Isnt he cute? *grin* From Naruto. *grin again*
AWWW!! *Giggles without stopping* Hes... so cute! My faivorite Charater in chibi!! Piccolo from Dragonball! *Still giggles*
Imagine that that is xSakurax - she likes mostly piss her friends off - just like I do!! ^_^
Okay, Neon Genesis Evangelio just started in Finland, but I am already big fan ^^

Shes Rei. Rei means 'Spirital creature' in Japan, did you know?
Asuka. Shes pretty you know... and I just LOVE that black dress O_O Black is my colour...
Hes Shinji O_O Gosh hes cute.... *drools*
More Neon Genesis Evanglenion ^^

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Yaoi and Yuri support!
Okay, I support Yaoi and Yuri...

Few Xtra links...

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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Hello again
Gosh. It have been loooong time I last posted... So I decide to do it again. What I wanted to say was merry LATE Christmas and happy LATE New Year! ^_^ and - few pictures. ^^ Surprise, surprise.

I like that pic. he looks sweet and inicent... I can bet he isnt. *grin*

Sailor Moon Group. I look like Sailor Mars... I have long black hair too. ^^ And I like red. But mostly I like black...

AH! Isnt she bautuful? ^_^ Yes. I look like Mars, but I am NOT as beautuful.

AH! Shes so beutuful too! ^_^ I am going crazy

Sailor Moon group - again. ^^ Oh well. decided to put this here too.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pics ^^
So guys, these things will be up for a maybe month, I'll take it after new year away. so to the point, this is yummy to you Dragonlance fans:

Dalamar/Crysania couple would be awesome, huh? O.o

I HAVENT forget you, gay guys! I havent! Okay my brother liked it so I decided to put it here

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

   Hello! ^^
hello Dragonlance fans! I am nes here, and I decided to put a link up here:

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