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Thursday, May 3, 2007

   IM pUre LiKe tHE aNArtiCk SnOW
Look in to my eyes and you'll see wisdom of a thousand men who have made the same dissuon in life over and over and more! but that seats me into the world as creature with the thought of an insane "thing"... But I Can't escape this shell That is pure like the anartick snow! So I wait for a time were every things easy. But I forget I won"t be around forever on this land... Might as well make the best of my time here... But can I be pure as Anartick Snow! The door of light that is surrounded by night is far away from me! Some say its Death waiting at the end of that darkness, some say its the new adventuar! To me it all the same! Because it pure as the Anartick snow! So let me wait in this jungale of fear and confusion and the ground well give way into an endless darkness.. But when ther is no more night, what is at the end of that beautaful site! it can only be pure... like... the...Anartick...snow.......
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