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Friday, April 13, 2007

   GWAR song!@#$%^&* Nitro Burning funny Bong
Ah! sweat youth! The joys of becoming ateenage prosatute,or in my case...a bllod crazed glatior!
intell I crashed on thi planet and got hooked on the weed and crack and the booze and the pills and the speed and the sex and the mud and blood!! YES all that Good SHIT let all go and hit! I'm talking about the NITRO BURNING FUNNY BONG! jJust one hit ur life goes wrong!NBFB!! Another STUPID stoner song! Fat and lame! The claws have been cliped and the tigers been tame,by a BONG and a shlong! YES! We all se how this game could go wrong! YO! My head's felled with bees, my cock is Deased! Liaed with puss and hangs well pass my kneess! A sworm of nacartics can get me through this! MY managers gonna be pissed...LET me hit another of that N.B.F.B*4!!!! OH! Can u take it!? OH!DO a MONSTER!! OH GoAnd do IT!!! WE WON'T RESPECT YOU INTELL YOU GET HI WITH THE BOYZ!!!

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