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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am crimson-rose, but you may call me Bou ^_^ I am 17 years old. This layout is of one of my favorite JROCK bands, dir en grey X3 for those of you who still use MyO, I hope you visit! Peace!

Please obey my rules. My biggest pet peev is stolen work..>.> all of the layouts on my site are made by me or Jae (Jae: >.> nuu they're ALL BY ME! xD), so please don't steal (Jae's layouts because she will bite you >D). Also, if you add me, pop in every now and then :D and I shall do the same!! ^^


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current time: 9:31 PM
current mood: awful
currently: angry at some people...>.>

I know I haven't been here in a while...and i admit that i have been spending more time on TheO but I still love it here no matter what. Not to make excuses, but since everyone's there and since PMs are through there...i just kind of go there first. But i do pop in a nd read posts most of the time ^_^

anyway...i am really mad at some people... So i am going to rant in french... je n'aime pas quand tout le mond parle de leurs beau ou leurs belle. Ceci n'est pas le normal moi, mais...je suis fache avec ces peuple. je suis heureuse que vous etes heureuse, mais desole mais je ne soigne pas ^_^

Jade...Ce paragraphe a probablement beaucoup d'erreurs. >.> >.o shut up! XDDDDDD

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

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