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Monday, February 25, 2008


I am crimson-rose, but you may call me Bou ^_^ I am 17 years old. This layout is of one of my favorite JROCK bands, dir en grey X3 for those of you who still use MyO, I hope you visit! Peace!

Please obey my rules. My biggest pet peev is stolen work..>.> all of the layouts on my site are made by me or Jae (Jae: >.> nuu they're ALL BY ME! xD), so please don't steal (Jae's layouts because she will bite you >D). Also, if you add me, pop in every now and then :D and I shall do the same!! ^^


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currently: being laid on by the cat XD

*sighs* I brought up my AP european history grade to at least a high D. i have like 7 100s and a 54 and still have a 74 in that class. what makes it worse is that I forgot to do my study guide this weekend. I was going to do it tonight but i left everything at my dads house... T_T and so now i have to not do any of my work in my first three periods plus lunch to do my work... I'm so freaking out..

..but as far as I'm concerned my weekend was too amazing to worry about work. It relieved a lot of my stress... *pats cat while in thought*

On thursday, Shin-chan and I didn't wake up until 8:00. so we were way late to school. XD (we are supposed to be at school by 7:30ish) so, we leave the house at like...oh 8:20ishand decided that since we are already late we might as well go get a small breakfast at McDonalds. So we drive there, and go inside and sit down for a while. X3 and roll into school at about 9. *laughs* it was nice.

I recently came across a new game on HP games called 'Jojo's fashion runway' XDD It's the simplist of games but so much fun to play XD and i have played cooking mama a lot this weekend as well. ^^ so that's fun.

Yesterday, my cousin, Hayley, got inducted into the national junior Latin honour society. A friend of mine got inducted into the spanish national honour society, and another friend got inducted into Mu Alpha Theta, so i went to the induction ceremony. After the ceremony there was a little banquit-y thingie, so i met up with my friends and we all ate cake together XD it was nice.

so this has pretty much been my week... *sighs* I am still so worried about my things to do tomorrow...i mean... this is the second test in a row i keep putting off and putting off. all of my grades are so low...well low for me. my lowest grade is this 74...but i like to have more As than Bs...and thats just not how it is right now. so....i don't know.

I WILL COMMENT TODAY!! just not until i get home at oh....6 PM ish. so i will be here. ^^

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

layout contest

^_^ I have decided to make a layout contest. ^^ You don't have to have anything fancy or complex (like me or somegirl)You can have just a lovely simple and regular site and you will be given just as fair a chance.

There are several categories, and the top two of each will be given an award by me :D

1.Cutest Site

2.Darkest site

3.Gothika site

4.Best of the Preps (non-punk)

5.Asian Pop/Rock site

6.High-Tech site (This will be the award for the most complex layouts, however just because you have a complex layout, doesn't mean you have to sign up for this category.)

~I will post this until the day before the judging and entry forms are due which will be March 3rd @ 11 PM (eastern time)~

~PM me the entry form if you are interested ^^~

++Entry Form++



Site URL:


Comments on why your site deserves the award:

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