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Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am crimson-rose, but you may call me Bou ^_^ I am 17 years old. This layout is of one of my favorite JROCK bands, dir en grey X3 for those of you who still use MyO, I hope you visit! Peace!

Please obey my rules. My biggest pet peev is stolen work..>.> all of the layouts on my site are made by me or Jae (Jae: >.> nuu they're ALL BY ME! xD), so please don't steal (Jae's layouts because she will bite you >D). Also, if you add me, pop in every now and then :D and I shall do the same!! ^^


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time: 11:49 PM
song: BondS album by ancafe
current thought: "10 MINUTES TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

I had a really great time tonight. We went to Sekisui to eat dinner. I had Soba with some Miso soup :D I love miso soup. Then, we went to go see the movie "August Rush" which...omg. It is SO good. It really is a great movie. I would definately recommend that movie.

Soooo So fars for my birthday I got 2 Ancafe Cds, an ancafe DvD, a dozen white roses (which are beautiful! and this awesome jacket that looks like a black straight jacket XDDD yesh!

I go back to the house, and MARIAH IS THERE!!! My wife slash penguin. XD I was cho supa happy. I walk in, see the shoes, and bolt up the stairs XD So I tackled her, Nolan, and Grant when he came over :3 super luff!

*bounces up and down* I wasn't excited about my birthday a week ago...but now that its tomorrow im all WEEEEEEE turning 16 on december 16th XDD

The new ancafe album is really good...I have to say that i love the keyboard in their music. It gives it a nice yet strange effect. I like it :D

this commercial is so weird o.o is a grape juice commercial and ths is how it goes
Little girl: i heard a monster in the closet
dad: a monster?
girl: but dont worry, the anti oxydents will protect me

o.o crazy commercials. why cant we have japan commercials and have Kattun and gackt in them T_T *glomps gakuto*

I'm really hungry...>.> i think imma go make some mac and cheese! XDD hooray!

o.o oh wait. HOMG!
5...4....3...2...1... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOU!!!!!!

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

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