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Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am crimson-rose, but you may call me Bou ^_^ I am 17 years old. This layout is of one of my favorite JROCK bands, dir en grey X3 for those of you who still use MyO, I hope you visit! Peace!

Please obey my rules. My biggest pet peev is stolen work..>.> all of the layouts on my site are made by me or Jae (Jae: >.> nuu they're ALL BY ME! xD), so please don't steal (Jae's layouts because she will bite you >D). Also, if you add me, pop in every now and then :D and I shall do the same!! ^^


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current mood: tired...bored..

I just ate a nacho lunchable XD It was pretty tasty. *sigh* All alone in my little room on my little bed. My new bed comes in, in about a week. Then I can decorate my walls...and secretly hang up crossdressing men even though i'm not supposed too! yay! XDDDD

I had an assload of homework that i didn't do, and probably should have...We decided to play Tekken 5 instead of doing school work XD

I'm really tired...but i'm too bored to sleep. It's just not the same not being in my room. It's not a big deal...it's just SO hard for me to fall asleep...and then to stay asleep. -__- so i'll wake up with an achey body. Ah well...as long as I get to here Ueda or Yamapi sing on the way to school, I'll be good.

*cuddles up with Ueda plushie and nuzzles it* It is time for BouBou to go sleepy time! Oyasuminaisai! I hope you all sleep/slept well.

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

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