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Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am crimson-rose, but you may call me Bou ^_^ I am 17 years old. This layout is of one of my favorite JROCK bands, dir en grey X3 for those of you who still use MyO, I hope you visit! Peace!

Please obey my rules. My biggest pet peev is stolen work..>.> all of the layouts on my site are made by me or Jae (Jae: >.> nuu they're ALL BY ME! xD), so please don't steal (Jae's layouts because she will bite you >D). Also, if you add me, pop in every now and then :D and I shall do the same!! ^^


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Sorry that I didn't get to visit sites today -_- Hm..Jade and I have finally come up with a layout! She just has to add in the filler and I will put it up! hooray!

Today, I went to the mall with Meagan and Johnny. I had so much fun...they are my two best friends...not counting shin-chan and my otaku friends...you guys dont count XDDD sorry. We met up at 2:30 and were out until about 5:30 ^_^

We drove over to BnN, and i got a book about "being gay" XD It's a book about two gay guys...it's really good so far. heehee. I saw another book in that section that i wanted to buy..but didn't have enough money T_T i was so sad. Johnny asked to borrow it when i was done XD

I also bought a rainbow necklace :D (I was in a rainbow-y mood today -_- ehhehheh). Then, Shin-chan text me, asking me to but her the new shoujo beat T_T *laughs* So, I did..because i like to spoil her *dies laughing* Gackt and AnCafe were in the magazine..i was excited XD

I learned alot about Johnny today, that I had never known before. I am just glad at how close the three of us have become... so then we all had to go, so on the way to our cars i gave Meagan the usual kiss goodbye XD which tends to freak people out...0_0 *laughs* ah, well. we enjoy it XDD We tried to get Johnny to kiss us, but of course he wouldn't XD

Tomorrow, I believe that me and my family are going to the movies and going bowling XD that should be fun.

Sorry for the long post...-_-

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

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