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Friday, August 22, 2008

Well good almost afternoon.
Eh...I won't write much, because my fingers still hurt from being crushed by a door, and I don't feel like spending hours typing up a whole update yet.

Let's just say I've been taking stuff out of the medicine cabinet to calm myself down about tomorrow. I'm going to Oak's Park (an amusement park) with friends. And one of the people going is MATT. Just the THOUGHT of being near him makes me want to run and hide. Literally. I've actually already done that...today. As of now the only thing I've eaten all day has been 8 Ibuprofen pills and some chocolate syrup. :'D

Haven't eaten a decent meal in weeks...

But anyways, that's basically it, if you're wondering why the hell I want to avoid Matt like the plague, I'll tell you later.

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