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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey guys!!!!
Hey! How are you guys?? I wonder...

I haven't been on in a LONG time! I'll keep this short because I'm at a friend's house. xD To the list form!!

1)My life is really awesome right now. Me and my friends are going frickin' everywhere in town. xD I have a social life! *le gasp*

2)I have a myspace! *le GASP!* If you want to add me, my link is myspace.com/itseatingawayatme oh, and my thing is set so you have to know my last name. (Which is "Helzer" by the way)

3)The BEST THING EVER! I met the sweetest, most AWESOME guy EVER! He's just so much like me. I can't wait to meet him! When I get old enough I'm going to go to Belgium to meet him xD I love his sooo much. x3 He has the most awesome hair...glasses, smexy voice...
Sorry. I can just randomly start ranting on, and on, about him. xD He really is the best ever. He has a myspace too. His name their is Ian, even though it's actually Wouter. xD (I stole his password, so I can mess with it lol) He's the best person ever, and I actually have told him I love him. It makes me extremely happy x3

4)Also, I've fallen out of love with Ja-san. He's just not worth feeling depressed over because I know he doesn't love me back. Ha ha. It's kinda funny. I started avoiding him like the plague xD I don't talk to him at all anymore, which I'm fine with, because I don't need to remember that past. It sucks. xD

See you guys soon!!!!

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