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Saturday, March 6, 2010

gosh i don't really go on here any more... sad hat! lol but i was just thinking about this site an realized i wanted to blog about my life for a bit :)

So as of right now im a sophomore in college, and im having so much fun! life as a college student is definitely hard, but i know that i would be so bored if i wasn't here right now. :) i have a really solid group of friends and i love them a lot! X) im supposed to be reading for my ten page dutch history paper buuuuuut i figure i still have some time to fuck around before i have to get down to business :P
I'm still in the process of figuring out what i want to do with my life, lol, i have two considerations for my Major. I might be a history major or a language studies major... but idrk.
I love Japanese so i feel like ill end up as a Language Studies major, but i love history for the stories :) so who knows. I also love history because its a great way to learn about a different culture.
Anywho, this year my bestie got a bf so i don't really see her all that much anymore... which is kinda sad cuz we go to the same college lol. :/ hrmm. well idk what else to talk about. maybe i'll talk a little about things i like :) ok here goes
Crescent Moon9 likes:
~Coffee :D
~new socks
~knit beanies
~black and white pics
~good smelling body-wash
~dark nail polish
~and polar bears X)

just a few... idk if anyone reads this but im puttin it up here anyways :)


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