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Friday, June 26, 2009

no longer a freshman...
wow, that was fast. the first year of college i mean. where did it go? i don't understand how that happened.... and its so funny cuz you always hear people talking about how this time goes so fast and you should cherish every moment, and believe me i did, i still can't believe its over... it is sad but im really glad that all the things that happened did. it was a very difficult year but it was one full of personal and mental growth. :) i made so many friends and i can't wait to go back. although i do have one upper-division Japanese class as a sophomore... so we'll see how that goes. i've been pretty busy with my babysitting job and visiting people so i haven't had a lot of time to update otaku, gomen ne! i'll try and update if i get responses. if not i'll prolly just post to vent and even if no one reads it it will still help me get over things lol. so enjoy i guess? :)


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