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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

   omg babies.... XC
so i babysit these two kids right? the little boy is 4 and the little girl is 2. and they are both just adorable... sometimes.

OH MY FUCKING JESUS! today was a stressful day. the 4 year old was being awful today just for the sake of being awful! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! it was so stressful. XC
but i know he's a good kid and all he really wants is attention but sometimes i just can't handle him! ahhhh! and today was one of those days, he was just screaming and yelling cuz i got mad at him for hitting. ugh. and he wouldn't stay on timeout... ugh, he was so effing difficult to deal with, so stubborn and butt-headed. grrr. ah well thats 4 year olds for you. :/ at least i have the girl, she's a little angel... again, most of the time. today was a good day for her, it's not always... but today, thankfully, she was good and slept a lot. its like when one is acting badly the other takes that as an opportunity to be super cute and good... ugh, why can't they both be good? i guess the universe might implode it that were to ever happen. boo. anyways sorry for venting but i needed it. :P


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